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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As a child we are often told that just by "wishing on a star" that our hopes and dreams have a way of happening.   Often I was found doing just that, wishing and hoping under a blanket of twinkling lights in the night sky.  My imagination flourished under those stars with some of those imaginary characters finding a home in my heart and traveling through life with me!  It still boggles my mind to know that at this stage of my life that I have been able to set free some of those characters and share them with others. My path, when I was young, was never one that was suppose to lead me through that magical artistic door and into an imaginary world of soft sculpture characters...but I am so happy that it did.  

"Soft in the Head" was born 15 years ago mostly out of necessity and to prevent me from spending wa-a-a-y to much money on a shrink.  I found myself in remote Vermont with nary a friend or family member anywhere!  Some would call that heaven, well not me!  After spending the vast majority of my life speeding through it and having no idea what time or day it was,  this new set of circumstances was uncomfortable.  I found myself not accustom to a slower pace and would clean until my eyes hurt from the shine and glare and even tried my hand at cooking.....right away we found the best restaurants around or continued to suffer from heartburn!  As time moved along I once again found myself sitting under a blanket of twinkling lights and "wishing upon a star"....and it worked!  That little girl that found that one star night after night and secretly made wishes can now sit back and know that at least one of her wishes was granted!  If you don't " wish upon a star" now is the time!


Candace Jedrowicz said...

How perfectly dreamy!
I'm going to put a link to this post on our Cool2Craft Facebook fan page. Our viewers will get all melty!

softinthehead said...

Thank you Candace....what a sweet comment! You are to kind! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it!

WoolenSails said...

Enjoyed reading your post and I am so glad you found yourself needing an outlet which resulted in your wonderful creations.


Mary Ann said...

We are all lucky that you moved to Vermont and found that lucky star. I would miss seeing all of your amazing creations:)

Kays Kids said...

How I love your writing. Have you ever thought of writing a book, you would be so good and your characters could come alive.
Many, many times I have wished upon a star and my journey into the bear world arrived.

LadyLocust said...

Way to go - some people go their whole life without even knowing what to wish for. I wish you more happy stars in the sky to brighten your nights and happy stars in the eyes of smiles to brighten your days.