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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Religion On Water.....

My husband Dan is on the right and his brother John is on the left. The bottom picture has our son Chip on the lower right........
I remember so many years ago when Dan (my husband) use to think that fishing was the boring tradition of taking a poor, ill fated worm and sadistically threading it onto a barbed hook. Now if that wasn't bad enough for the poor worm, he is then thrown into water to be drowned while he waits to be consumed by some hungry fish. The fisherman then plops his or her butt down on anything that will hold them and begins the sporting tradition of waiting.....And this is fun???? Dan became interested in fly fishing some 25 years ago. He had gotten a mediocre rod and reel and took some lame classes but with all that he knew that he had found "Heaven". He has since taken this sport and turned it into "Poetry in Motion". To watch Dan on the water casting is nothing less than awe inspiring. The grace and accuracy that he performs is more than just fishing it is "Art". Through this love he has for fly fishing he has become a huge advocate for our environment and promotes the "catch and release" only mentality. If you were to have two fisherman of my husband's capability on any well stocked river and they caught their limit and kept them everyday, it would take less then a week to virtually fish out that river! There would be nothing left for future generations to enjoy! Something to think about huh? He takes an active part in teaching and showing individuals how to keep our rivers and streams clean so wild fish will return to spawn. My husband has traveled the globe flyfishing. He has been invited to Russia, Alaska, Mexico and all over the U.S. just to fish. He has published his experiences and lectured everywhere. This once thought of as a hobby has turned into a way of life, a religion to him. He is truly amazing to watch.........


WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful place to fish, love rivers.
I enjoy the peace and quiet moments of fishing, but I really don't want to catch anything, lol.


TheCrankyCrow said...

Fly fishing is an amazingly beautiful thing to watch if done right....is it not? I would love to see your husband work his magic..... What beautiful photos.....Robin