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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Being A Tree....

I'm sure many of you are wondering why this post is titled "Being A Tree"?  The last two weeks have proven to be exhausting, confusing and just plain ridiculous on so many levels.  My mind is mush, my emotions are raw and I have not slept in days.  Needless to say "I suck"! LOL!

When I was young my father found me sulking in this old apple tree that hung over our garden.  The week prior had been anything but fun and my brothers were a constant nag and I just felt lost....kinda how I feel right now.  Anyway,  my dad had me come down and stand next to the tree.  He said.."see how this trees roots dig deep into the earth and how its branches reach high into the sky"...I shook my head yes.  "This tree is being given everything it needs to endure, grow and enrich itself from the soil....and when it reaches for the sky the heavens provide enlightenment and serenity,  it's called balance!....So be a tree he said....bury your roots for enrichment and reach out to the heavens for enlightenment, everything will then be right with the world"!  So today everyone "I am a tree"!

Over the course of the past two weeks I have been used, manipulated, lied to, and stolen from....ah yes...just another day in the life of the internet!  I have walked a very fine line between friends and foes being careful not to ruffle to many feathers.....impossible to do!  Why I was sought out in the beginning re: this "Pattern Sharing" fiasco has never been made very clear to me.  It did open up a world that many of us, designers, knew existed but we NEVER dreamed just how bad it truly is.  This "Pandoras Box" was opened with a completely different agenda attached and me and my fellow pattern designers feel that we were manipulated into fighting a battle that we had nothing to do with under the disguise of  "Pattern Sharing".  Once sucked into this whirlpool of "he said' she said" we started feeling like we had been thrown into a washer on the spin cycle!  We trusted the wrong people, believed the wrong people and in this whole process we lost friends, business and more important a part of ourselves.  Why?  I still haven't a clue!  

The internet can become a battlefield if you let it...look at all the personalities that are out there.  Hey it's hard enough just living in a house with a family who all have different personalities.....now we are inviting thousands of them into our cyber homes!   A person can be whatever they want you to believe they are on the internet....trust me I know quite a few that do just that!  You will NEVER get that from me!  This Ol' Softee is honest to a fault and will, without hesitation, ask ALL the right questions!  I want to believe that all people are basically good and hand out second chances like free samples at Cosco.   Third chances, however, aren't as easy to get and forget fourth ones!  Learn to talk to each other and be honest....the truth can hurt but put a band aid on it and move on, don't expect other people to fight your battles!  Many people feel unimportant if they don't have chaos in their world...I say to them get a hobby, volunteer at a shelter and see true chaos up close and personal!  We have much larger issues to deal with than wondering who is saying what or doing what to who or waiting for that pound of flesh that will never come....put your big girl panties on and make positive differences in our crippled world!   From here on out my blog will be about happiness and the creative spirit, and of course my family and a post here and there about that evil rodent "the copycat" (heh heh).....It is now time to plant some roots and heal myself for another day.....Blessed Be to All!


Diana said...

LOVE what you have had to say..I commend you..I have no idea what all of the hub bub is about..I try to steer clear of as much as possible..Had my fill of "So called" friends in recent years thru the internet and real life. So I trust few, to be honest, and get involved with fewer. I have always admired your creativity..and will continue to do so, hoping one day, I can afford some of your work!

Evelyn said...

Sending love and hugs your way.

Stacey said...

Oh Pam!!! I remember the story of the tree so well and keep it close to me. You shared it when I needed it most, as my marriage was crumbling and I needed to have the strength to go forward as a single Mom and Artist. I had this talk with Bailey a couple months ago when she really needed it.

Yes, it is always beside me when I need it the most and very much now as the storm winds swirl. We are steadfast in our creative Spirit...and not to be used for anyone's personal agenda.


WoolenSails said...

I hope you can find your inner peace and enjoy your creating. I think I will go for a walk to the bay, I could use a nature day myself.


just me said...

What wise words from your father, thank you for sharing. Happy to see you put it behind you and moving on.

antym347@gmail.com said...

I have always had the greatest respect for you and always will. There are some things about this business that I do not miss. Particularly the drama and hysteria and complete disregard for any kind of ethical consideration. Keep on trucking, you are a tree and you had a wise father. Bib, big hugs.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I am so sorry you are going through all this.

My philosophy about all this copying is that karma is going to come back and bit the person in the hide in some way shape or form. It may not be when we want it to but it will happen sooner or later. I have had my work copied also and I just try to do my best to keep on creating and not worry about the copycats but it's so hard, upsetting and worrisome. We just have to do our best and forge ahead.

Onward and Upward my friend!


Hanni said...

Thank you for sharing such wise words. So sorry you are having such a bad experience with everything. I know the internet can be a very good tool,but these days to many people are out there and using that as something bad. I only do the necessary stuff what I think I can do and that is it. It will get better again, surround yourself with the things you love most, your family, animals and of course your wonderful, wonderful creations, which make me smile every time I see them on your blog. We all have days like this, but I think we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and move on, time is to precious and way too short, to let negativity destroy us.

softinthehead said...

Thank you all! I hit a few nerves putting this out there but it's my blog, my rules! I didn't ask anyone to pop over and read it...they came of their own free will. Humor introduces itself in many ways....if one sits back long enough you can enjoy quite a comedy!

TheCrankyCrow said...

I would say that your father was a very wise man, indeed. Obviously, not being a designer or artist - or even close to being in the loop on most things, I don't know the totality of the goings-ons - and, obviously, there is much "more" going on than this wee brain can wrap its head around. But, as a fellow "call-it-as-I-see-it" person, and one who deals in honesty the best way I know how, I empathize with your anguish. Wishing you fertile ground for your roots, and cleansing air for your branches my friend.... Hugs ~ Robin (Yes, I'm playing catch-up here - and, yes, I got interrupted by that thing called life....hope you forgive....)

softinthehead said...

You are always forgiven Robin....good to have you back my friend!