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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ebay Con Artists.....

Thieves Are Among Us........

My Mouse Sold Last Week on Their Site
Being a pattern designer for the past 12 years has taught me a lot about unscrupulous and unsavory individuals.  Instead of walking through life thinking that EVERYONE is my friend and they want to help, I have found that greed is way to often their motivation and integrity often lies in the shadows or not seen at all! Terrible way to live ones life huh....but reality is reality and nothing is sacred in the pattern world!  The reason for my post is this....there is an unsavory bunch of pattern sellers, "Across the Pond" lurking on EBAY trying to pass off their unscrupulous dealings as legit and (this is the best line) a way of helping all you creative people out there with a pattern that is no longer being printed, in other words out of circulation!  Well if anyone knows anything about pattern designers this rarely, if at all,  happens.....  WE KEEP EVERYTHING!!!!!  What this group has done is to plant themselves on a site that has a free flowing feed of people looking for patterns to buy.  They offer a low bidding price and a line of crap about these being "no longer in print" patterns and before you know it "WHAM" you're sucked in to thinking "I have to have it" cause I won't find it anywhere else!  No true!  This site is just convenient for a naive shopper....many of these patterns are available on "Pattern Marketplaces" or from the designer....but that's tough to know since this group of con artists NEVER show, tell or give you the designers name or any other information that will help you, the shopper, make a choice.  In fact they even cover their asses with a detailed bunch of information (which is in small print) at the bottom of their "ME" page telling you that this pattern will come to you like it does from a small home copy machine.....Read Below from "Across the Pond's" ME page:

A Note to NEW doll makers and pattern collectors. Each year we get at least one *unhappy* new doll maker/pattern collector who is unaware that 99% of the doll patterns we sell are created by individuals, as such they are not created in the same manner as big name, buy in the store catalog patterns. Most are created on a copy machine in the home of the designer or by a small copy center used by the designer, as resellers, we don't have quality control or input about how they design or market them. You will find the patterns may arrive in envelopes, paper bags, between sheets of colored paper, folded book style or flat and unfolded, often in a zippered plastic bag. They may contain pattern pieces on both sides of the paper, pieces that you need to tape together prior to cutting on fabric, pieces that need to be enlarged, or no pattern pieces at all, simply measurements within the pattern instructions. Photos vary from really great, to not so great and sometimes even downright poor, you may find them printed directly on plain paper, printed on paper then adhered to the pattern cover in some manner, glossy or matte photographs, line drawings in black and white or in color, or as the actual front cover.Some designers are very in-depth with instructions, others are not, we try to use their own descriptions of their patterns when possible. CD Patterns are becoming popular as well and you may find those offered from time to time. Designers create new covers, re-release and make changes to patterns all the time as we have recently discovered! Some have even quit making patterns for many years only to turn up again later under a new name. We are happy to see if we can find something for you, We get some really unusual patterns that turn up on Trade it Tuesdays. Please note we don't make copies of items you *HAVE MISSED* if you would like a pattern, please bid at the time the auction is listed. We buy at closeouts, yard sales, on ebay, at various auctions sites and auction warehouses as well as other outlets, please consider your pattern USED although it oft times may be new and simply be stock from our store or a Sister store, we often sell end of line, or where we only have one or two of a style left so it will auto reorder at front office for us, we do closeouts for others as well and buy a good deal of old stock. We do not have any smoking members, however the previous owners may have smoked, we do have pets and children and husbands though if you are allergic to any of those, please take care when bidding, we don’t know what the pattern packets may have been exposed to.  

What they are doing is mass producing paper patterns and e-patterns and selling them to you an unwary consumer.  This is nothing more than blatant theft! This group of individuals are tricky and savvy in what they are doing.  All their sold listings are private so you can't see what has been sold in the past and they are covering their proverbial asses with this disclaimer on their "ME" page so they can continue to photo copy paper and e-patterns they have bought without EVER going through the proper channels or the designers.  Doesn't matter how they try to dress it up, cover it up.....it is theft!  
"Sweet Meadows Farm Bear Pattern"
As far as only selling "Out of Print" patterns well I think Maureen Mills of "Sweet Meadows Farm" would like to know why her relatively NEW teddy bear pattern is being sold on their site and for that matter why a witch mouse pattern of mine, that I sell all the time on my website, was sold on there last week.  They have over 50 patterns on their site right now and most of those patterns can still be found "for sale" on Pattern Mart, Cloth Doll Supply and many more pattern selling sites!  PLEASE get the word out there about these unscrupulous sellers....Remember "Across the Pond" on EBAY: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NICE-PRIMITIVE-TEDDY-BEAR-DOLL-PATTERN-/350545497474?pt=Folk_Art&hash=item519e23cd82

Just a note here:   Since yesterday they have removed Maureen Mills bear pattern that I had the above link to and replaced it with the "Humpty Dumpty" pattern....looks like someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar!

Pattern places to shop at: Pattern Mart and Cloth Doll Supply


The Barn Hollow said...

Pam, it is people like this that make me want to never design another pattern. There has to be a way to stop them or at least make it more difficult. I am considering watermarking all of my pages with a date sold and to whom, with a re-printing prohibited disclaimer attached.
Thank you and Maureen both for the alert on unfortunately, yet another bottom dweller.
Warm Wishes,

Evelyn said...

Some people have no morals or ethics to live by. Shame on them. It's good for you to get the news out there. You can see their past listings if you do an advanced search on their USER ID and click the box to show completed listings.

The Moonlit Stitch said...

I hope there are steps you can take to prevent them from doing this. Almost every pattern I've bought says it cannot be resold. DUH. I've recently seen finished products from patterns published in old Country Marketplace magazines, which have gone out of print, and the person is taking credit for it as their own original patter - as if no one would ever know. I SAVED all of my issues as I loved that mag and it is so sad people can be so dishonest and so dumb to think no one would ever know. Good luck to you. ~*~Lisa

Ronda said...

That is horrible, why do people have to act this way. Will keep my eyes open and spread the word.

Thanks for sharing..


Susan said...

It is so sad what some people will do to make a quick buck. Buying patterns online is about the only way to get patterns anymore as most local shops don't exist. I appeciate all the wonderful patterns all of you very creative people put out there for us to buy. Please continue and don't let those who choose to do illegal patterns ruin it for all of us. Thanks for the alert.

Crow's Creek Primitives , Vintage Burlap Lace and Lavender , The Crafter's Nestled Nook said...

I contacted them about this and they said they had permissions from the owners and to check out their website . Here is their website :
I wonder how many they are doing this too ? I saw the pattern and asked if it was yours and they would not say who designed it .
I bought a few patterns from them and now feel like sh%t for doing so . I am sorry to whomever as they did say they have permission .
Check the website .

softinthehead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crow's Creek Primitives , Vintage Burlap Lace and Lavender , The Crafter's Nestled Nook said...

Is that a u.s. site as they are UK . So now they lied and said they were affiliated with the website http://clothdollpatterns.com/ I am confused . Sorry , As I do not think they are affiliated with that website at all now .

softinthehead said...

I actually sell to Noel Wolfman....of Cloth Doll Patterns and have for years. I don't believe she is part of this group but I will definitely find out!

Kim Kohler said...

I for one am sick and tired of this...I have seen so much the last 10 years... I too have been a victim so many times and it just cuts us up like a knife when it happens. The thing is, it happens all the time, mostly with New pattern people that want to get into the business, or see fast money and decide they can resell our patterns. It just is sickening. And Ebay does not make it easy to get the stuff off. When you see it, you just wished you can write all over their auction this person is a Thief do not purchase!

WoolenSails said...

That is why I haven't bothered with ebay, they let sellers like that sell and lots of others who copy and those of use who make one of a kinds, do not do well, so not worth the stress.


suz said...

What idiots - with the advances in technology over the years, don't they know they'll be found out! I hope you've complained to Ebay and Ebay has pulled them! Twits!

lilraggedyangie said...

Its so sad ...I guess thats why I dont even shop the pattern shops online makes me nervous I may miss out that way but I try my best to buy from designer websites and designer etsy shops if and whenever possible ! It s shameful so many are so lazy that they must make a buck off someone elses' hard work ! :0( Hope the day gets better hugs lil raggedy angie

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

Oh that is terrible! I can't believe what people do for a quick buck.I hope you are able to find some resolution to this.

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

ARGHHH! I'm hoping that there is a special place in hell for people like this Pam :O( I'm going to share your post on Facebook and will link back to it on my blog as well. I hate thieves and con artists and the only way to stop them is to put their slimy little dealings out into the open. Thanks for sharing Pam.

Anonymous said...

I think individuals should be allowed to sell patterns from their own private stash that they are no longer using. I do think however that they need to give credit to the pattern designer. I understand ideas are original and that absolutely the designer has the right to make the money. But once the pattern is out there and "jane doe" doesn't want the one she legitimately bought anymore she should be allowed to sell it. I have bought a few patterns from "Across the Pond" - patterns I knew were no longer available through a particular designer - but in all honesty, I've bought a few other patterns designed by this same individual from others on eBay too ... Sadly, there are less than stellar people to be found everywhere in life !

Deborah Adams,Long Beach, California. said...

So sorry to hear about these people Pam. :-( Wish I knew how to help.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

So sad to hear about this. I hope you dropped them a little email. Maybe we all should. I never buy patterns from ebay unless it's the designer selling them themselves.
Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention.
Prim Blessings

A Magical Whimsy said...

I agree with Robin...Ditto


Jane Pedersen

I hate the way you artists are being treated it is terrible and needs stopping! I have been creating American Primitives in England for 13 years and without the help from you girls sharing your patterns and supplies I could not have achieved this and received such a good following from around the world.

A BIG thank you to you all XxX

softinthehead said...

Thank you Jane and thank you everyone!!!!!!

Just so you know....the link I had on my blog that would show them selling "Maureen Mills" teddy bears has now been replaced with a "Humpty Dumpty" pattern....seems to me that maybe a group of unscrupulous individuals got caught with their hands in the cookie jar! Just a thought!

Crow's Creek Primitives , Vintage Burlap Lace and Lavender , The Crafter's Nestled Nook said...

They did ! And their feedback is private so you can't see what they have sold and how many times . I know this as they emailed me after posting here yesterday ! Are you kidding me !!!?????
Unscrupulous !!!!!!!!
They actually refunded my money for the 2 I just purchased as I was Pi$#ed .
The 2 I bought :

Please if anyone knows who owns these . I am sorry , I had no idea this is what was going on . Hope you are still reading all of the posts , you gals from across the pond .

Hanni said...

I have seen them on ebay for a long time, selling those patterns and I was all the time wondering why they are saying they are out of print. I guess they got offended by your posting and got nasty on their ebay site, very sad indeed. I think you have to right to speak up and protect your interests, websites like this need to be stopped, I guess ebay is doing nothing about that either, doesn't surprise me.

Banners Portland said...

Your blog is really amazing with all the bits and pieces of information I can share with my friends and followers. Thanks and more power!

Jan - Life on Buttermilk Hill said...

Whoa!! You really hit a button with those thieves!! Read their return comment on Ebay now! How dare you be nasty to those good, Christian, God fearing ladies!!;) My daddy always said, evil people that USE God's name in their evil endeavors go to hell before anyone else!--sorry you are going through all of this.--Jan

softinthehead said...

LOL! Ya know Jan I learned a very long time ago, raising teenagers in fact, the best course of action when you're guilty as sin is to scream as loud as you can "NOT TRUE"!!!! Actions always speak louder than any words. If you aren't guilty than why worry about it? Let it go and the truth will come out! Karma is a wonderful thing!

Also. a good Christian NEVER has to remind anyone that they are a good Christian....their actions and life should be example enough! I hate when idiots like this play the "Holy" card....it makes good Christians look bad!

I haven't even bothered reading what they wrote...why should I care. I know the truth and so do many others now...that is what truly matters! It only takes one person to get the truth out there and then it starts to grow with everyone else! My blog gets a ton of hits not to mention what Facebook can do!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought. If you notice, they are using the actual picture of the doll to sell the pattern. Not the picture of the pattern. The actual picture, taken by the artist, of the creation, is copyrighted. I am simply contacting the eBay VERO program...filling out a very simple form, and my patterns are being removed in 24 hours and then the auction is removed. These people cannot use our copyrighted photos to sell these patterns. It's that simple. Let's fight back. I am signing in as anonymous because I don't want to tip my hand to these "ladies".

softinthehead said...

I am VERY familiar with the copy right re" images. Generally this is the only way to get these horrible unsavory con artists to pull the patterns. In fact this is one of my BIGGEST complaints along with the issue that they make every effort not to show the maker/designer of the pattern. These unscrupulous people have managed to find every way possible to cover their dishonest acts in the name of the dollar! And they call themselves good Christians....I think they need a good dose of the teaching of Christ....he must be appalled with their practices!

If you notice their entire feedback page is private...what does this tell you....they don't want ANYONE knowing how many times they sell the same pattern over and over! Disgusting! The word is growing and as it continues more people will become vigilant and cease to do business with them...the world is a big place but so is the internet!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are correct Pam. I mention this because it is a quick and easy way to nip this in the bud pretty quickly. This is the link to the VERO page.


The best part is, if the auction is removed for copyright infringement they do NOT get their fees back!!! Make them spend their money for nothing! They have one of my patterns listed on their site right now, with bids,... But guess what...I filled out the form, and it's coming down! Let's don't take this laying down. We All recognize each others work even if they do not say who the designer is. Notify a fellow designer if you see their pattern listed, with this link to the VERO program, and we can get our patterns removed. Let's help each other.

Anonymous said...

You are correct Pam. I mention this because it is a quick and easy way to nip this in the bud pretty quickly. This is the link to the VERO page.


The best part is, if the auction is removed for copyright infringement they do NOT get their fees back!!! Make them spend their money for nothing! They have one of my patterns listed on their site right now, with bids,... But guess what...I filled out the form, and it's coming down! Let's don't take this laying down. We All recognize each others work even if they do not say who the designer is. Notify a fellow designer if you see their pattern listed, with this link to the VERO program, and we can get our patterns removed. Let's help each other.

Crow's Creek Primitives , Vintage Burlap Lace and Lavender , The Crafter's Nestled Nook said...

Left me not so nice feedback when I told them what I thought of them stealing . I sure left replies and blocking me , LOL I wouldn't buy from them again knowing they are liars and thieves .

NOT A NICE BIDDER, NOW BLOCKED- FULL REFUND AND ITEM SENT FREE, Seller: across*the*pond ( 4791) Mar-15-12 23:17
Reply by crowscreekprimitives1 (Mar-17-12 18:08):
Selling copyrighted patterns BUSTED ! Thieves ! Be careful vero is on its way
-- -- Private
NOT A NICE BIDDER, NOW BLOCKED- FULL REFUND AND ITEM SENT FREE, Seller: across*the*pond ( 4791) Mar-15-12 23:15
Reply by crowscreekprimitives1 (Mar-17-12 18:10):
Thieves & Liars blog write up here : softinthehead.blogspot.com/2012/03/e

Anonymous said...

This is another perfect strategy girls. Buy a pattern from them. Either your own or someone else's and then let the world know what they are up to with your feedback. It,s brilliant. If you notice they have taken down all their auctions and are "regrouping" so to speak. I have a feeling I know what's coming but will keep it to myself for now. At any rate. Let's buy patterns and leave feedback. Their feedback is our voice!!!!!!!!

softinthehead said...

Dear Anonymous....I sure wish you would leave a name. I know this is a touchy set of events and to scream "FOUL" does make one a target! But to stop the less than honest business actions a voice needs to be heard. Greed is an awful and crippling thing....Christian or not wrong is wrong. I hate when people use God as a crutch to validate their bad behavior....I love your idea of strategy but I just can't bring to purchase anything from them! They have robbed from many hard working artists with their "so called" Christian ways....They steal our names, our work and our photos! The one area that we can seriously get them is with the photos cause those without a doubt belong to us, the designers! I have some VERY serious and reliable people in the UK and here researching their practices and hoping that we can prove the photo-copying of the pattern issue. Like all things it takes time but I will not stop....there are a couple more group like "Across the Pond" that we (our coalition of pattern designers) will be bringing to everyone's attention soon....If you want o ever talk to me personally just email me @ softinthehead@gmail.com Thank you everyone for all your attention to this and your help!

Anonymous said...

Pam...but we MUST buy these patterns!!! Why? because...we KNOW what original patterns look like. They are printed on our paper, from our machines, with our pictures, our typical cover sheets with our specific cover paper etc. Purchase one of "their" patterns, have it sent to you...you will see immediately if that was a pattern YOU printed or if it was REPRINTED using an epattern pdf file. See what I mean? However, they will know if you are purchasing your own pattern. I know lots of designers DO NOT MAIL PAPER PATTERNS OUTSIDE THE US. So how are they getting them? How can they have paper patterns that are not mailed out of the states? Do this...Get another ebay id account/name and begin your detective work. You are not purchasing the pattern to put money in their pocket, but to put nails in their coffins. If you (or a friend) purchase your pattern, and you SEE that it is not your original MAILED paper pattern...thats a reprinted epattern. I suggest that you bump this blog post to the top. I may contact you personally later today privately.

Crow's Creek Primitives , Vintage Burlap Lace and Lavender , The Crafter's Nestled Nook said...

This whole mess inspired me to make a new logo for my blog . The saying is so true . So to anyone , who thinks it is ok to take freely what you want from the internet , person , designer , etc , I hope you know , as time goes by people will see you for what you are .

Me and the Girls said...

Ohh my! I am guilty of purchasing some of these patterns. When I asked about who the designers were of the patterns I was purchasing they didn't know who they were/ I really had my doubts when I received it. Didn't look like a pattern from a designer. I no longer purchase from these "knockoffs". I'm sorry this is happening to you very talented designers. It must be heartbreaking to go to all the trouble of making something & then having it stolen & not even given credit.I will do my best to get the word out.