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Friday, December 16, 2011

Amazing Power of 44 Cents.....

When I was young one of my favorite things to do this time of year was to get the mail.  It was a plethora of colored envelopes and Christmas Greetings from all over the place.  The cards were full of winter magic and good times, not to mention Santa!  Sometimes there would be photos of long time friends who now live far away but always remember the love at Christmastime!  My mother would find a special place for all the cards and often create a masterpiece of Christmas magic with all the different images and textures of the cards.  

I still love receiving cards and always look forward to getting the mail with grand hopes of finding one or two stuck between the many hospital bills that seem to fill my mailbox nowadays!  The internet and the ridiculous cost of a single stamp have caused the flow of Christmas cards to decrease considerably over the years, but it hasn't stopped me from spending a quiet afternoon at the table with a cup of tea and pen in hand.  I'm not an organized person at all, so most of my addresses are on scraps of paper, old envelopes and various addresses books that have cluttered drawers over the years....but I have fun pulling them out and remembering "good times".  

The impact a simple card can have was brought to light last night with a phone call.  My husband has a very good friend....Ben.  Now Ben is in his 80's and Dan has known him for many years.  Their friendship was created from fishing.  Ben had enrolled in Dan's fly-casting clinic and hired him on occasion to guide him on the rivers of California.  Ben didn't get around very well and needless to say Dan had a difficult and often frustrating time guiding him but a true deep and respectful bond was created between these two.  Ben never cared if fish were caught he was just happy to be out with Dan.  Since leaving California Dan often talks to Ben on the phone and when Dan is on the west coast they make a point of having lunch and talk of the fishing days gone by.  Ben is Jewish but his wife is Christian so every year Dan makes a point of sending Ben a Chanukah and Christmas card.  We haven't heard from Ben in a while which always concerns us but last night he called.  With much emotion in his voice he thanked Dan for the Chanukah and Christmas card.  He also told us his beloved Diana has been hospitalized for the past year with Parkinsons and was not doing well.  His voice was aged and frail but the love and respect he has for Dan flowed with each word....Dan remembered the importance of those cards and sent them out even though we had not heard from Ben in a very long time.  This had made Ben so happy during a incredibly difficult time.....the amazing power of 44 cents!  Merry Christmas All!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Ohhhhhhhh Pam...I love cards too but it seems many people don't send them anymore. I still do since I am so nostalgic about things like that.
Your story about Ben made me teary-eyed. That is so sweet.

Happy Holidays my darling friend,

Kays Kids said...

What a wonderful thing a simple Chritstms card can do. Dan must have felt very warm in his heart.
This is such a lovely post.