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Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Still Got It.......Smiles That Is!

We Can Still Make Miles of Smiles and Happy Customers......
Many years ago when I started getting into this business I told myself that when people quit smiling at my characters it would be time to hang up the ol' sewing needle.....well it looks like I will be sewing for another year! This last show Dan and I did is a prime example of why I love my job! Fairfax Holiday Show isn't an "Art Show" but the nuts and bolts type craft show that all of us can remember going to and enjoying. All types of shoppers attend to see the 200 plus vendors there displaying their pieces....there is all price points and a huge variety of handmade items from a pot holder to a comfortable chair or handmade rug. The craftsmanship is superb in all categories but what stands out even more are the sounds....there's Christmas music, laughter, the jingle of bells, children ooooo-ing and ahhhh-ing, smells of kettle corn, pine needles and the BIG guy in the red suit....yep Santa himself! I enjoy seeing the same vendors around me every year as we all catch up what we have been up to the year before....we're like family! Then you have your wonderful customers! The tried and true followers of your work. To see the looks on their faces when they spy something new and exciting or as they try to decide and end up taking them all. I love it when someone comes walking into my space with a sour-puss expression and their face just breaks out in a HUGE smile or a giggle escapes as they catch the humor on the frogs face or the expression of "surprise" from a mouse as it leaps from its box! Dan and I count our blessings everyday for all of these wonderful individuals that take a piece of "Soft in the Head" home with them. They are my inspiration! Thank you all for making our show such a memorable event in our lives!

P.S. Dan and I forgot our camera at home and had to purchase an inexpensive one....guess we got what we paid for cause only two pictures turned out! So sorry everyone!


PEA said...

I knew you would be a huge sell out Pam and Dan. I have known it for many years as I have watch you amaze and delight me on so many levels.
Congrats and here's to many years with shows like this.

Theresa said...

It was such a great show...and it was fantastic to see you and Dan.