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Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Bubble Tyme.......

No matter how many different types of tree lights that hit the market there will NEVER be one that is more magical to me than the "old" bubble light! Awkward in size and often not as attractive as a twinkler or the soft glow of white lights but the "bubble" light has a gift all its own! I remember when I saw my first bubble light, I was all of seven years old. It was a tough change for Dad to go from his favorite blue lights to a mixed hodge-podge of color. My mother brought home this box of lights, seven in total, and their awkward and large size was an automatic turn-off to my Dad who felt the design of a Christmas tree was nothing short of chiseling out the next "David". Even though he found them not of his liking he forged ahead, everything was done with precision and careful thought......As I saw the tree begin to welcome all the attention to detail with the trim and tinsel, I waited, holding my breath till that plug was inserted into the socket and "MAGIC" happened! Of course at first glance of the "bubble lights" disappointment crawled across my face, they were glass tubes protruding from the comfort of their green home with an a look of being in the wrong place and lost and no bubbles....THEN IT HAPPENED...they began to bubble and I was lost or hypnotized by this wonderful, incredible delight! I sat on the floor and watched the bubbles bounce into each other and turn a simple tube into a wizards wand bringing a sense of wonder and awe into the life of a silly overly whimsical seven year old!


Victoria Sayer said...

Oh my goodness! I have NEVER seen or heard of a bubble light before!
Very different. I can kind of relate to your Dad's misgivings, though...as I too sort of do the 'chiseling out the next 'David' thing, myself, when it comes to decorating for Christmas.(See my last few blog posts)
Thanks for sharing these magical globes with us in the Land of Blog.
Hope your days are Merry and Bright.

Lori Ann C. said...

Used to sit in front of ours as a child . . totally mesmerized! Ahhh . . the days past!
That's what Christmas is about....celebration and remembrance!