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Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee Stains and Cinnamon........

The Gang Is Getting Ready......
Even though I've known for an entire year that "Ghoultide" was coming I still seem to do that "let's wait until the last minute and see how much sleep I can live without" dance! Of course there are still a ton of other variables that filter into the mix...like what's popular, making new designs, time, life, more time and yet LIFE! Let's face it, life is a HUGE factor it what gets accomplished in the artist arena when you work from home. You don't have an army of elves waiting for orders and who love to be paid with cookies...NOPE it all comes down to you and you alone. I seem to do my best work under pressure or when I'm asleep! I know that sounds a bit odd but most of my ideas come from my dreams especially after a couple glasses of wine! This last year has been a tough one with many emotional obstacles causing this Ol' Softee to spend more time as a ball of "goo" than a productive individual of society....but alas, I have managed to muddle through the cobwebs of confusion and lost imagination and created a small army of characters for Ghoultide. I still have 17 "works in progress" to finish this weekend and then it's "TAGGING and BAGGING " for their trip North! I have to admit that I'm nervous this year as I look around me at the art world. It seems that my "humble" little primitive cloth characters might get lost in the sea of clay, paper mache and bright colors! As I peruse my inventory I still chuckle when I see the rough and unfinished edges, goofy lop-sided grins and the aged and tattered clothing. I have actual "Jack O'Lantern's"...Pumpkin Heads that are mounted on old rusty lanterns....There's a discarded wooden clock shell with a pumpkin head and mice calling it home and three ghostly little mice hanging onto an old rusty candelabra...I really do love mixing the past with the present. You can really tell I'm a die-hard "Primitive" artist by my coffee stained hands and the cinnamon caked in the laugh lines of my face! Here's to another successful trip to the "Ghoultide Gathering"...I can hear the chatter from my characters as they prepare for their trip!


Susan deGeneres said...

Hi P.K.

Although I've know about your artwork for awhile, I'm fairly new to blogging and just started visiting your blog a short while ago. I love it and am now a follower!

I'm also an artist and I love artwork. I'm planning on going to Ghoultide this year so I'll look for you. I can't believe I live in Michigan and yet, I've never been able to get to the show. I'm sooo looking forward to it this year.

Its nice getting to know you,

Humble Crow Creations said...

Good Luck Pammy!!!! Hope you do well and have a safe and fun trip!!!!


WoolenSails said...

I just love your characters. I tried cinnamon on a piece once, but ended up making me sick. Hard to work with it, without inhaling the powder, so will stick to my walnut spray.


Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Oh my gosh I LOVE those little ghost mice! SO cute!!! Wishing you all the best at Goultide! :-)

~ Deb

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I wish I could come and see all of yours and the other wonderful artists items..I love the photos and love your creations..and yes it seems we do work better under pressure.;)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Always a pleasure to stop by and catch up on your wonderful creations!! Such fun!

kim said...

All the chatter and "butterflies" means it will be a one Fantastic show!!! :)
take care

Caroline said...

Best wishes on the show!

Theresa said...

Pam... everything looks so great for Ghoultide.... I'm so bummed I'm going to miss you at the show this year. I hope you sell everything. :0)

Crafty Craftee Craft:>D WAHM said...

I really think your work is wonderful and I hope you make many many sales! I'm in awe of all the wonderful crafts you've made. I Love crafting but have never made nowhere near what you have but would like to someday. All the best to you!