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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oh No I Killed A Wish.....

Fireflies Are Wish Carriers.....
When I was little and spending my summers in Texas I remember my great Aunt Nell use to tell me stories about the "lightnin' bugs", fireflies to most of us. She would always refer to them as the "wish carriers" for the Faeries! When Faeries make their wishes the fireflies store them and this is what makes them glow. When a Faerie performs three good deeds then they get to make a wish and when all their wishes are made the light goes out on the firefly.....but Faeries can only make their wishes during the summer so this is why we never see fireflies during the rest of the year cause all the wishes have been made. I loved Aunt Nell and her stories, she always seemed to have one for every occasion.
Last night I killed a Faerie's wish! I felt a bug crawling on the inside of my arm and without thinking I went swat! The next thing I saw was my arm glowing green and then I knew.....poor Faerie! I felt like a murderer! Funny how certain things trigger those innocent and child-like responses that we developed from our childhood! All night I kept thinking that some poor Faerie out there is "wish-less" and it's all my fault! I'm a wish murderer! I see fireflies gathering in mobs plotting and planning on how they are going to render their vengeance on me with Faeries in charge of the siege! I know, I need therapy...I'm sure that Aunt Nell did more to me than enchant me with her whimsical stories but nonetheless the damage is done and a firefly has passed....bummer!


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Sounds like your Aunt Nell could have made up a story to make you feel better ~ I'll try to think of one for you!! Until then ~ therapy might be in order!!! My grandkids are coming from Seattle in a couple of weeks and they don't have fireflies ~ my son is anxious to bring them for a summer vacation so they can see what we call 'lightening bugs'!!!

Anonymous said...

At lease you didn't say " I don't believe in faeries." That's what really dooms them. Feel better it was an accident and I think I heard somewhere that if a faerie's wish is accidently squashed, all she has to do is kiss you on the head while you sleep and she will get another wish in it's place.

WoolenSails said...

Unfortunately we all have that reaction when something is crawling on us;) I am amazed at the amount of fireflies we have this year. I love to look out the window and see all of them flashing, it reminds us of the magic of childhood.


Harrison Family said...

I so wish we had lightning bugs in Arizona. They truly are the magic of childhood! I started a candle company last year and named it ... Lightning Bug Candle Company with a motto, "capture the glow". That's how cool I think they are! I think you've been forgiven for mistaking a lightning bug for a bad creepy crawly. Take care,