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Monday, January 4, 2010

My Nose Needs Spring.....

Thawing Needed….Hurry Spring!

I’m backing and moving SOUTH!!!!! Dan and I have lived here in south central Virginia for four years now and in those four years we have never had a winter like this one. There are times I feel like we are back up in Vermont with these single digit temperatures. The weather completely put the kibosh on me getting Christmas orders out in a timely manner and even delayed them till after Christmas… My own Christmas shopping came to abrupt standstill when a four foot snow drift blocked my garage door….thank you Mr. Snow Plow Guy! It took 12 days for the snow and ice to melt away enough for us to shovel my car to freedom from the confines of the garage. I have gone through fifty pounds of bird seed in three weeks and have some very fat and happy birds. The deer have started taking refuge in our backyard huddled next to the house during the night, they leave some rather smelly remnants behind which require a shovel, lol…. Thank God the bears have taken to hibernating or there would be no peace from their hunger pains.

The other night while I was standing at the kitchen sink I was looking out over the frozen tundra (my backyard) and the moon was full and the sky clear, it was magical….freezing but magical. You could almost envision the dance of the “Wynter Faeries” out in the now empty cornfield. All of the wee folk dress in their winter finery and toasting the moon in all its glory. I know I have quite the imagination but it was so beautiful seeing how the moon made the snow glisten to a shimmery blue and how the forgotten, broken corn stalks cast eerie shadows of stick figures that seem to be dancing a ritual dance to the Wynter Gods. Of course all this beauty doesn’t help with the fact my nose is frozen and my hands are to stiff to sew and I have had to get accustom to wearing a hat indoors. Living in an antique building doesn’t help with the warmth factor! Our little potbelly wood stove is working in over-drive but this place, with all its quaint charm, is drafty! I’m ready for bunnies and spring! I want to see new baby birds and butterflies! I have always been a winter person but this time my winter needs have been met and then some. Well Dan did go out and buy us matching “Snuggies”….guess I’m not the only one who is cold!


Whimsyfolkartist said...

so so cute!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

I got a leopard print Snuggie ~ love it!! Matching ones ~ now that's sweet!!!

kim said...

Of course, the fairies where dancing in the light of the blue moon!
take care

KatHreN said...

Sometimes when it starts getting cold here in MI. I think man Im moving south.....BUT I love the snow, granted people think I turn into a hermit in the winter because I never go out.....BUT I love the snow!!!

Stacey said...

I'm hoping that the rabbits arrive soon here too~ well... beyond my fabric friends! The stove is cranked here also...

Cravin' some green with ya!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Love the stories! Don't worry... Spring will be here soon! Deb