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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Okay Guys Here It Is!!!!

"Look Out Anonymous"
I've been bombarded with requests to put these comments on the main page of my blog. These particular comments were made by my darling husband re: yet another "Anonymous" comment that had been left on my blog regarding the "Copycat"situation and the first "Anonymous" comment I received.....anyone confused yet? It seems that there are TWO very unhappy individuals out there that are having a difficult time with how I handle dishonesty....I think my hubby, Dan (God Bless Him), hits the mark pretty well! Okay guys here we go.......

Anonymous #2 comment: (to read "Anonymous" #1 scroll down to the post "A Serious Note...Please Read)

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Serious Note..Please Read!":

How will your life be different from this happening? Did she/he take something away from your work? Your income, you , as a human being? Are you now ruined? made smaller, less important? What if others are out there copying your work and selling at local shows, people you`ll never know have done it. Have they made you smaller? less? Are you a victim of these people or are you an artist who is working, creating, and enjoying the process, the finished product , and all the benefits that come with being able to create what you think of, and not look at what others are doing. Would you rather be the copier or the copied?

You may see what she/he is doing and any others as an offense , but what if they make something like your work, and then move on to their own work, using your influence work as a stepping stone to get to where they will create things on their own.
This is all the ego wanting more and more, and getting validity from outside sources. The work is inside, not outside. Once you start looking inside for your authentic self and authentic work, a whole world can open up for you. But he/she`s not at that place in her life.People today spend so much time being offended, insulted, being victims of someone or somebody, being various emotions, they miss what is in front of them. Do you know how many people wish they could make something like you do? Forgive & move your energy into your work.
I hope these thoughts and words are of some help and give you peace

December 17, 2009 7:48 PM

Dan has left a new comment on your post "A Serious Note..Please Read!":

Part 1

You know it is just mind-boggling sometimes of the inane stupidity of people like Anonymous and Anonymous "two" who are so cowardly they don't even sign their name.

I have been married to Pam now for 37 years and probably know her better than anyone else. I see her struggling to come up with the new designs each month. I see her spending upwards of 60 hours a week at her sewing machine. The common answer to simple questions like, "would you like to take a break and go to a movie today?", is, "No I can't, I have too much to do. I have to get these orders out".

You see, Pam's creations are not mass-produced by slave labor from China, Sri Lanka or elsewhere, but each and every one she makes she makes entirely by hand by herself. She wears out Singer and White sewing machines....wears them out!!!! And people who are afraid to sign their stupid remarks think they are "entitled" to profit from Pam's hard work. Why don't you come over here and I'll take the money out of your pocket?

Her imagination is amazing as is her ability to add that touch of whimsy to her creations. For someone to steal that and pass it off as there own is a crime. You ask if her life will be different because people are stealing and making money off of her creations? The answer which you seem to be too dense to discern for yourself is "YES you idiot!". Pam is not getting rich here. Her income combined with mine allows us to live a week to week existence. So yes this kind of theft has a very direct effect on her/our income and her ability to continue to create and produce, as opposed to being forced to go work at some store and stop creating, because working at a store is reliable and dependable. At least that would be fewer hours a week. As it is we manage to eek out a living in these tough times; Pam works way too hard; and the world becomes a little better place because of the characters she originates and the smiles they bring to peoples faces.

I can't believe the ignorance of actually suggesting that somehow stealing Pam's designs and passing it off as there own will help them become creative themselves. That is certainly one of the most ignorant statements I've ever heard. If they can't come up with their own designs through their own hard work, stealing Pam's hard work isn't going to help them. Thieves have no right to anything of anyone else's. That's why we put them in jail.

Please continue on to the second half of my comments...

Part 2

Dan has left a new comment on your post "A Serious Note..Please Read!":

Pam also designs patterns and if you've been to her web site you will find over two hundred of them there. Each of these patterns has very complete and concise instructions so that people who have never had any sewing experience or instruction can still produce a finished product they can be proud of. Buy the patterns and make the dolls and you'll learn many of the techniques and the handling of materials to help you on your way. And, you can legally and with clear conscience make some money while doing so. Those "Soft in the Head" patterns very specifically LICENSE the person who bought it to hand-make and sell the finished product at retail in a local craft show or store as long as the origin of the pattern is credited to Soft in the Head. It requires you to get written permission from Pam for it to be sold in any publication or over the internet, but as long as the origin of the pattern is credited to her, she virtually always gives that permission.

So if you want to make a name for yourself as a "designer", then I'd suggest you buy her patterns and those of other designers you admire, develop your own skills and by your own hard work perhaps some creativity will blossom. Then you won't have to be embarrassed for getting your hand caught in someone else's pocket or have to try to come up with those ridiculous statements trying to justify why it's OK for you to steal and falsely claim originality that is not yours. IT IS NOT OK!

Finally, let me make this VERY CLEAR. The thief did not just use one of Pam's patterns to make a doll and pass it off as her own design. Pam makes a few different series of characters that she does not release as patterns. This charlatan copied the vignette - a signature piece - that graces Pam's Soft in the Head Banner at the top of this Blog and tried to advertise and sell it as her own design. This blatant theft of Pam's design and claiming it to be her own earns her the right to be the centerpiece of the HALL OF SHAME.

So now I'd like to leave you with what it believe is an appropriate quote that is commonly attributed to Edmond Burke:

All that is necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.

Don't stand for this kind of crap. Point it out, publicize it, bring it into the light of day so that it may be seen for what it is. Shame on Anonymous 1 for doing this and shame on Anonymous 2 for condoning it.

Dan Gracia
webmaster and comedic relief


WoolenSails said...

You just reminded me of something. We have a prim store that I love and upstairs is filled with booths, with antiques and handmade items. One of the booths always has creations with your designs. I assume she buys your patterns, they do look like they have been made from them.

Good for Dan, he knows what hard work and love you put into your creations. I stopped buying a certain magazine that I see so many copies and redo's of other work I have seen.


Anonymous said...

Amen, Dan. Very well written. I admire your stance in defense of your wife. I was shocked and appalled by anonymous' comments. A lack of morals can never be justified. Hugs, Pammy...Suzanne of Poplar Street Prims

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

WOW PAM, he put that all in a row where it belongs! What an insightful and amazing man, you two deserve each other...you are both wonderful human beings. As for the two anonymous' well, they are obviously jealous, groping at a twinge of justification so they can sleep at night. As Sarah McLaughlin puts it " vultures and thieves at our backs" they will always be there, hiding, sneaking around then blatantly claiming credit for their fragile egos. Keep your eyes on the road...your spirit lives in your creations! hugs, robin

Stacey said...

Thank you Dan for being a voice and edjamacating (or at least trying) those that just don't get it and all that we do~

Owner of several burned out sewing machines also~


Evelyn said...

Great response! You both rock!

just me said...

ohgosh i just read the softies advice too funny! what a great husband! i think you are talking to a brick wall people have no shame or respect anymore, i should say not all people but seems to be more and more. it's one thing to get inspired but not okay to copy! you have made me aware of the artist feelings and how much it has hurt you and if they can't see that shame on them even more. you are so talented and fun, i also wondered with all your patterns why choose to copy. have a merry christmas

Kingfisher Farm said...

WAY TO GO DAN! Behind every good woman is a good man, and Pam is so blessed to have you! Yes I too think it is ridiculous to think that copying will lead to originality. These people copy one artist and then the next, going with whatever is selling at the moment! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Theresa said...

What a man you have there Pam. :) Dan said it perfectly and spelled it out so those who do not understand... now can understand. Bravo Dan... you are the man. :)



Crowing About Primitives said...

koodos Dan.. you hit the nail on the head.. Pam has such a wonderful talent I am so jealous of.. if I had a 10th of her imagination I would be cooking..lol..

To Anonymous.. I am a doll maker of patterns.. and if you are wanting to learn from Pam then yes her patterns are made to learn from.. take inspiration from those not from one of a kinds that you have no right to.. BEWARE anynymous there are enough artist out there in the Prim world that have had enough of this stealing and are rallying togeter to shut it down..

The sad part of all of this stealing is that many well known artist have stopped making and selling because of this.. and that is sad.... because of you we miss out on the talented creations of so many artist out there..

I am a collector of Pam's PODDS and MICE and few other goodies.. I would rather save for months to buy a one of kind well crafted piece of art from then to buy a awful knock off...

BOTTOM LINE you have not right to steal.. use your own imagination like the rest of us.. and if you can't do that there are many talent artist that have patterns for you to make.. STOP IT!!!! STOP IT NOW !!!!!