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Friday, December 18, 2009

Holy Moly...We Got Snow!

Whata Weekend We Are Going To Have....
Hey eveyone...We definitely have snow here in the "Blue Ridge Mountains" of Virginia. I have only seen it snow a couple of times since moving here from Vermont four years ago and that was only a couple inches or so, no biggy! Well hold onto your pantyhose cause we are suppose to get 10 or more inches....Now all of you in the midwest and New England are going "oh that's no big deal"...well it is when the county you live in has ONE, yep ONE snowplow to service the entire county. There has been a serious run on the stores and people are beginning to show their lack of driving skills in the white stuff! This is a whole other ballgame for Virginians! I have coffee and lots of peanut butter I'm good! Merry Christmas Ho Ho Ho!


The Old Oaken Bucket said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures with us. We are expecting snow in our area of East Tennessee this weekend. We never, never get a good snow, so I am anxious to see a white Christmas! Be safe and have a great holiday!

KatHreN said...

lucky ducks....I love snow...ours is melting...be safe and enjoy your snow..

Shari Kraft said...

I live in Ash Fork, AZ. We got a foot of snow last Monday! We live in an area that gets NO snow plow service! You should have seen our streets! LOL!!! I love the snow.

WoolenSails said...

That storm is headed my way and the area where the blizzard will hit tomorrow night, so we are in for our first real snow storm.


...Miss...Maddie's... said...

You and Santa can go make a snowman and pretend your kids again... after all you're pretty young at heart.
Enjoy your snow and stay safe.
xo Susan

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow!! you are getting slammed with the white stuff..glad you have your peanut butter on hand...stay safe and warm and enjoy!!
Merry Christmas..:)

Theresa said...

Pam... I'm afraid us Maryland folk wont do any better in this stuff... no snow as of yet but the grocery stores are packed full of people. I think they're doing the same thing...stocking up for the big storm. :)

The Old Cupboard Door said...

We are in the Shenadoah Valley and the snow is coming down like crazy. We are expected to get a foot or more of the white stuff. I love it! Gotta make a snowman as soon as there's enough, maybe some snow cream too.

Stay safe

Barbara said...

Think we're all getting the white stuff..we're getting at least 2" an hour...already have over 11" and snowing like crazy...predicting up to 2 feet. Stay safe and enjoy from a warm hearth..Blessings

Phillane E'lee said...

Sorry Pammy, you can keep it! LOL
Just be careful and hey coffee and peanut butter perfect. I could go a month on that.

KC-Design said...

I live in Germany close to Cologne and believe me, we don`t have so often snow....but today we have ((((-:
I am fine to with cappuchino and chocolate cookies and enjoy the snow!!

lilmamasprimitives said...

WOW WEEEEE!!!! Stay warm in all of that snow. We haven't gotten it like that yet here in Ohio. My puppy just saw snow for the first time and was barking at it as it was coming down..Wondering why it was after him. Be safe!

XOXO Stephanie XOXO

Lisa said...

lol we ended up getting 15. Can you believe it? My son was supposed to drive to Raleigh NC for an art/craft show he's been preparing for for months. Unfortunately, he couldn't get out of the driveway even with his jeep. It sure is pretty, though. Think I'll get some sewing done today.