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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some Spooky Doin's on SP....


I absolutely love this drawing of a witch that my dear friend Sharon sent to me a few years back. I was looking for a vintage/colonial type drawing for a piece I was doing and she found this on the internet and sent it to me. I have since seen it used many times by others. I love witches in all shapes and sizes, especially ones that have been grasped by an artists imagination and been transformed into a piece of pure delight!

Well enough of my daydreaming....I just want to remind everyone about "Simply Primitives"....It will be going up tonight and I have some real treats (lol) being listed. So pop on over and take a look tonight, tomorrow or in a day or two and enjoy a blast to the past and some sure fire "eye candy"! www.simplyprimitives.com


Stacey said...

Don't you just love Mother Midnight?? I've kept a cutout of her hanging on the wall next to my sewing machine to keep me inspired with Halloween. She's packed and at the new studio awaiting my arrival... can't wait! Just as I can't wait for Simply Primitives to open!

kim said...

Doreen over at Vermont Harvest Folk Art is making some neat things with this image. I love this image myself.
take care Kim

softinthehead said...

Hi Kim....You know I saw her wonderful creation with the house....very nice. Can't remember which site but it was very quaint. I have a dear artist friend that has been using this image for years...she does it in wax and also along the same way as this person you know. Take care and thanks for the comment! Pam

Cassaundra said...

ummm, okay. I would like to put my requests in now. One of each, mom! Especially that crow. Can I have them with candlesticks? Your stuff is the best. During the holidays, my house is full of talk about how wonderful your designs are. Of course the next question they ask me is about my artistic gifts. I have to tell them that my talents lay in other realms of art such as happy face pancakes. Keep up the amazing work. You have been designing and make beautiful creations with witches, crows, snowmen, pumpkinheads, and santas in a rainbow of colors since I was a kid....and THAT was a long, LONG, time ago.