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Saturday, June 27, 2009


With Cuteness!
Everyday I praise the "powers that be" for the internet. I'm able to watch my grandkids grow and see my own children flourish....where ever they may be this month!

This picture is of Ethan, my little namesake. No my name isn't really Ethan but Ethan does share my middle name of Kay (very Nordic of his parents). From the time he was born he was very secure and happy being #2 son and having BIG brother Jude being the out going "Alpha" child. Let me tell you though this #2 son is leaving his mark, whether it be strawberries on the back of a chair or bananas on the ceiling he is a force to be reckoned with! Smooches to my little buddy....oh darn I just smudged my computer screen....that's not good! Where's the screen cleaner?

Jude, Popcorn and Transformers....... Jude and Daddy are taking in the Saturday matinee of Transformers....I remember when Saturdays were all about those awesome, adventure type movies. I was no different than my grandson Jude when it came to "MY" big bag of popcorn and some M&M's and then I would snuggle back in my chair and prepare myself for the ride of a lifetime. I so wish I was there to watch Jude's eyes get big and watch him shovel popcorn into his wide open mouth as though he is in a daze...Some things never change as the years go on....Make a memory Jude!


~Tonya said...

Yes Pam, the internet allows us to make soooo many "connections". We should all be thankful for that. I know I am.

Love the pics of the grand kids. I too love taking my kids to the movies. My son and I went this weekend. We had a nice time.

The girls and I went last week, different ages ya know and now Jordan does not like many "kiddy" shows. HA! Boy they all grow so fast.

Take care Pam. Have a good weekend.

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

cute photos of your precious grandson..I got my patterns today...thanks for the invite too..I really wish I could be there..:O) but take lots of photos so it will look like I was..;)

Stacey said...

Pam~ I'm so happy to see this time in life's circle come around so joyfully to you and I know the happiness you have in your heart. I can't wait.. well, yes, I need to, the girls still have growing up to do, not to rush their growing, but I can't wait! This truly is what life is about!


kat449 said...

OMGosh..i finally get to join you ladies with bragging rights...on Sat I finally became a GG (Glamorous Grammie) to a healthy baby grand daughter..please go check her out on my blog...Im so excited I could piddle..I cant complain to you thought Pam about the 5 hour trip to Jersey...I know I Know your the wrong person to complain about "grammie miles"