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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


TO ALL MY AUSTRALIAN FRIENDS....There are no words!

Many of you know that I have family in Australia, my son and his children, but what you don't know is the amount of customers and friends that I have there. Many of my Australian customers have become much more than just customers and to see what is happening to their beloved country just breaks my heart. I feel helpless being so far and not able to do anything to help....One thing we can all do is pray. It doesn't matter what religious avenue you walk down, if we all channel that "prayer" energy and send it to our earth neighbors "down under" it can't help but make a difference. So please EVERYONE...take a moment and send some love to Australia!!!!


albasworld said...

It is TRAGIC Pam, and I am in tears over this and all the people and homes destroyed not to mention the animals that are perishing. There are efforts to save them but too late for thousands of them. These fires were started on purpose and I hope the criminal/s is caught and hanged!

I am lighting a candle for them and will send whatever help I can for them and hope that others will also. I hope that no one you know has suffered.

Hugs, alba

WoolenSails said...

I have had them in my prayers every night now.
It is so sad to see so much destruction and so many deaths. Will continue to keep them in my heart and prayers.


Phillane E'lee said...

Pam, this is traggic.
Mom said they sent the Montana Fire Fighters last night to help. The same folks that got Yellowstone under control after so much had burned. Prayer is powerful and I am sure they will be heard. Hope those you hold dear stay safe.

Designs By CK said...

I LOVE Australia...sending my prayers & well wishes their way!!!

Hope this note finds you well Pam.

Me (-:

Dawn said...

Pam my heart breaks with you - and to think that a person/s did this is just unbelievable. The lives that have been destroyed, the homes, the treasured family photos, the 1st teeth of the babies... all of it beggars belief
So I join you in prayer whilst waiting to see what I can do to help these communities recover

Hugs, Dawn

Sharon Stevens said...

OMG that's terrible. I wonder if the customer that was caught and perished in the fire was a customer of mine too.