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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Where I've been....

I know it has been a VERY long time since I've written here on my blog....months!  This last year has been a challenging one for me and "Soft in the Head".  For many years I have suffered from chronic arthritis but this last year has thrown a wicked curveball my way with creating a series of tremors that has made it difficult for me to do much sewing or for that matter even walking.  Having this happen has also created some deep depression for me....as much as you try to fight depression it has a way of winning the battle and I found myself withdrawing from the world....not good! 

This last week started off with a small light at the end of the tunnel and I began sewing again.  Granted it was only for a couple of hours but I sewed and that is all that truly matters.  I'm hoping to participate in "A Bewitching Fete" this September and also my annual Halloween online sale....keeping my fingers crossed.  As Dan says, "baby steps"....

Not all of this last year has been difficult...I mean, after all our son moved back to the states from China and that in itself has been "wonderful and a blessing".  We became grandparents again for the 7th time and our daughter got her Masters in Science....I would say we hit a plethora of happiness and good news!  

I'm slowly, cause I keep fighting it, approaching my 70th year...I have many life lines settled on my face from all the adventures, bad and good, that I have had these many years which creates the best memories and stories to tell, not all good and some pretty heartbreaking but I wouldn't change a thing.  Two constants I have learned in all my years is to NEVER hold a grudge, it benefits no one least of all yourself and never give up on people...granted they can hurt and disappoint you but they can also be the best part of life.  I truly love people almost as much as my cats LOL   

I'm hoping to change up "Soft in the Head" a bit and start designing more patterns...... one day at a time.  I've had to slow down quite a bit which has been the most difficult part of this new chapter of my life.  Dan and I are still planning our trip to Ireland and we're hoping to be in England soon.  I hear Christmas in England would be amazing, fingers crossed!

I'm not on social media much anymore, hurts to type, but I will try to stay in touch with all my amazing, generous, loving and kind friends.  My cup runneth over with love from all of you.  Keep a positive thought for me and I will do the same for all of you.   Wish me luck!!!!   


Susan said...

Pamela, I’ve been looking for you and glad to hear that you have seen a small light. You are such an amazing artist and I’m so privileged to have my small collection of “Soft in the Head”. I send you positive thoughts and prayers for your continued good health. Hope you make it to Christmas in England��, that would be so amazing. We all have those good and bad days to over come but the main thing is to be kind. It will get better!!! Take Care my friend! Wishing you all the best!
Much Aloha, Susan Boucher (Maui)

Evelyn said...

So happy to see an update from you! Hope you are able to continue sewing. Oh my, Christmas in England sounds wonderful! Love you and Dan!

Unknown said...

Love Ya Pam! Look for a Commercial/Ad about AB290 IN California, also on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE. I was flown down to Burbank last week to talk about my challenges being on Dialysis for 8 years, and that this Bill is passed, Kidney patients like me will have to pay $300 a month that the AKF/American Kidney Fund pays for me.

Take Care of yourself Pam

Stephanie Rawson said...

Find joy. You may not always find happinessbut youcan fi d joy.

Alice said...

I've missed you on FB. AND I hope you find more joy and less pain. More stitching and less doubt. And wishing you amazing fun on you jaunts over the ocean.

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