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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Our First Year with the PFATT Marketplace

"Enjoying Pin-Keeps and Celebrating"!
I've always loved pin-cushion/pin-keeps.  For many years I have made little mice in all kinds of shapes and sizes doing all kinds of funny little antics but my all time favorite pin-keep was one I created a few years ago of a sleeping little mouse who was dreaming about cheese.  This month on the PFATT Marketplace I
thought I would re-capture that little mouse but this time use a vintage silver plated wine goblet, hence the name "Merlot".   I may not be as gifted as some pin-keep artists but it doesn't stop me from trying and loving these wonderful creations.  I have my own collection of pin cushions that I started from the time I was a young girl wishing I could learn how to sew to now I'm a grown-up who still wishes they could learn to sew LOL

Dan and I are celebrating a year as the new owners of the PFATT Marketplace, thank you Sandy Wood for believing in us to take over your hard work of 14 years.  It was a tough struggle at the beginning to give the Marketplace a new

face lift and still keep it true to itself and Sandy's hard work but we wanted to make it a bit more customer friendly (easier to shop) and we've done it with the help of  Sandy, some pretty amazing Folk Artists and our wonderful "Guest Artists" who have come to give us some love and help.   I would also like to mention one person who is no longer with us that was a HUGE driving force in keeping the Marketplace going strong, she's even the reason for the new meaning of the initials PFATT....that is Tammy Strum.  Tammy left us quite suddenly a year ago Feb. 1st and left
a HUGE whole in the Art community as well as my heart.  She was my dearest friend.  I often look upward and with a smile yell "WE DID IT TAMMY"!   She always believed there was a place for all "Folk Artists", everyone deserved to have an opportunity to get their love of art out into the world and make a name for themselves.  It shouldn't just be a place that only supports "certain" artists but ALL artists and a place where artists can find that much needed support.  She was one of the greatest talents I have ever met and the most humble!   I miss her more than words can describe... Bless you Tammy Strum for being you!

I hope everyone will take a minute and visit the PFATT Marketplace this month.  There is some pretty amazing folk art available and you would be supporting people who love doing what they do and while you're there look upwards and give a wink to that special someone, Tammy, who always believed the best about everyone.... click here to visit: PFATT Marketplace

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