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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Our New Life in Washington....

The Beginning.....
Dan and I have almost completed our long exhausting move to our new home in Washington State.  At one point it seemed like the exhaustion and drama that goes with moving would never end.  This is one time that hard work and tenacity seriously paid off on many levels.  Through all this we have made some of the richest and best friendships that anyone could ever ask for.  We also found the true meaning behind family....What began as an uphill battle turned into making some fond and emotional memories.  Our new home has become more than we could have hope for and continues to enrich us with the feelings of family and friends.

Mothers Day has always been a tough holiday for me since our children are scattered over this globe....phone calls and skype can only do so much but never replace a good old fashion hug.  This Mothers Day was spent in our new home surrounded with friends, friends I have known for 50 plus years and others that I watched come into this world and grow into adulthood.  I received Mothers Day gifts and cards like I was a part of this amazing family and tears shined bright on these old
cheeks.  It has been a long time since I felt so complete and loved like this and I would go through everything again to get to this point.  There is NEVER a  greater feeling in the world than that of acceptance and love.

My dearest friend Rennie, who is now our landlord so to speak, has done everything to make our lives more comfortable and to make this new chapter a blessed one.  Since my

mobility is severely compromised she goes out of her way to make sure I have a beautiful courtyard to enjoy and surround me with all the things that only nature can provide knowing that nature is my sidekick as I go through this life.  I really have missed playing in the dirt and helping things grow now I will enjoy it through my large windows in my livingroom.  Seamus has made his home in front of one of the windows on my old antique trunk,  He is often amused with the antics of the local squirrels and chatters away at our feathered friends.

Figuring out how to utilize our smaller space has been challenging but fun....with Dan's and Rennie's help I have managed to get things placed, built and filled with very little stress.  We still have a ways to go since the garage still has many boxes and totes stacked but it will eventually come together (I hope).  We actually built Dan his own little space using book cases.  He has his own computer cubicle and also a place for his music equipment....and he was afraid I was
going to ban him to the garage!   The livingroom is small and our HUGE new recliners take up most of the room but boy are they comfy!  Since going out rarely happens it's nice to have a large screen TV to watch movies and our favorite shows.  Of course it wouldn't be complete without the NFL Ticket from Direct TV, some things will never change with Dan LOL! 

We've already had friends over being
something Dan and I rarely did in Virginia.  Here in Washington I have many old acquaintances from my much younger years and I have many new artist friends.  My dear friend Johanna Parker's mom and dad live 15 mins from us and Dan and I are looking forward to getting together with Johanna and hubby JP this September when she is here for a show.  I've been warmly accepted into the art community here and can't wait to have brunch with a few and meeting others for the first time.  Life is definitely being
kind and the "Powers that Be" are blessing Dan and I with such love and kindness....the biggest gift so far is that Dan is doing great.  His health seems to be rebounding and flourishing here!  Everyday I say a silent thank you....He is already making plans to scout out the rivers with his fly rod and enjoy what nature has to offer! Some of my East Coast friends have begun  making plans for a visit and I couldn't be happier.  I guess good things do come to those that are patient....I am so thankful and truly blessed! 


Catherine Etter, The Mindful Spirit said...

What a truly, wonderful and uplifting post. My heart swells with emotion as I truly know in my heart and very spirit that you are where you are meant to be. Blessings to you now and always forevermore........

Lady Locust said...

Good to hear you & yours are on the mend and happy.
Keep well & Blessings to you.