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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Forgetful or Day Dreaming?

Not forgetful Just a Busy Mind.....
Every once in awhile I feel just like "Alice" chasing that proverbial white rabbit. I wake up in the morning with all the best intentions of having a productive day and I end up with a mountain of unfinished business! It never fails, all my best intentions always seem to sprout wings and take flight right out the window....

WHY ME? I am an intelligent, somewhat organized woman. I've done the lists, memos to self and even taped off my keyboard so not to get caught up on the internet....why can't I finish what I have planned for the day.

I day-dream! Yep, I'm admitting to this most common malady of ALL artists! The simplest sight will send my mind somersaulting into a kaleidoscope of ideas and stories. Just as one character starts to take life on paper my hand starts to jerk and start on another. After a mountain of white paper begins to grow in the corner of my workroom I begin to realize that I didn't finish the dishes or finish printing out my orders. The order for Mrs. P is still undressed while Mr. C's character still needs his legs and the day is half over! There
are seriously days I feel like I'm chasing that little white fur-ball down the hole into oblivion! ARGH!!!!! 

Some seem to think it's me approaching old age! WELL! Whose old? Isn't old just a three letter word or in some cases a four (olde).....Do I need a twelve step program for day-dreaming? Now I'm doing it again, here I sit writing when I should be dressing Mrs. P's character and helping Mr. C's to walk....and cleaning up the white paper mountain in my corner! 

I'm thinking spaghetti for dinner and we need cat food.....oh I forgot to turn the washer on and Dan could really use.........oh that bunny would look great with a feather hat and that mouse could use an antique cup and saucer....what's for dinner?  Here I go again!


Jan said...

Oh I am so glad I'm not the only one that does that. Its seems that since I have somewhat recovered from my mysterious illness that is still a mystery till it happens again, that I can't get it together. I walk around in circles not able to focus on one particular thing and nothing seems to really interest me. I feel like I have lost something through all of this. I hope it comes back soon. Maybe when the sun comes back it will help. Don't feel alone my friend. Hugs

Beverly...Heartland Creations said...

Sounds normal to me! ADD Adult attention disorder. My dear there are just to many things to think about in our busy daily lives.
LOL welcome to the club.

Kays Kids said...

How nice it is to have a fellow artist that feels the same as I do.
Where do the days go. I think the days slip down that rabbit hole.
As Beverly says, Welcome to the rabbit hole club.