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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Never Good-Bye......

"Never Good-bye" but "See Ya Later"
 They say, "I'm sorry for your loss".   
They say "Your heart will mend". They say they're in a better place, and death is not the end....
They say you're reunited with loved ones gone before. They say that you'll be waiting when I walk through heaven's door.
I feel their love in every word of comfort they impart, and know that each is spoken from deep within the heart.
But all the words of comfort,  though kind, sincere and true, can't take away the emptiness I'm feeling without you....
                           Ron Tranmer
How does anyone "ever" say good bye to that voice of reason, your port in a storm, that unselfish kind ear at the other end of the phone. To the one person in your "art world" that truly understood your insecurities, passion and shyness.  The person who let you rant and rave when you were hurt and didn't understand why but just needed someone to listen and care.  To the person who always had time for you.  That third eye of yours that took me forever to accept and will miss sooooo much!  Our many nighttime online chats into the wee morning because both of us couldn't sleep.  Our PFATT champion, taking care of all of us and who created this deep seeded bond of a sisterhood!  How do we ever fill the emptiness that now exists because you were such a huge part of our lives.  
You taught many of us how to believe in ourselves and to reach for those invisible goals.  You were the best in all of us and now we have to go on and find a way to hold onto everything you taught us and continue to flourish because it's what you would want.....PFATT Forever!
It's going to be difficult to not reach for that phone on a bad day or send you a message and know it won't be answered.  There's a reason why you left so soon and maybe someday I'll understand.  Your legacy is a great one....carved from nothing but love.  Everyone who was lucky enough to have you be a part of their life is richer, wiser and more complete from knowing you.  You're now the "brightest" star in the heavens because you took with you the love of a thousand hearts...... I will always remember the last words you spoke to me, "Pam... you are stronger than you know and I will always be with you!  I love you my dear friend"....

I love you too my dear sweet Lori and we will meet again!  Thank you for being a part of my life!


ChristiH said...

Beautiful. I did not know her, and wish I had. Hugs to you my dear.

WoolenSails said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend and I hope the emptiness in your heart is filled with happy memories that you shared together.


Mary Keeley said...

I know my mama was there with open arms and a paint brush! Xoxo

Mary-Keeley McAllister (Penny's daughter)

Betsy Heird said...

just perfect!! You are the best friend anyone could ever have. I love you and we'll see Lori on the other side. I love you, Pam ♥

Joyce Mayer said...

So sorry for your loss, but you know that it's not good-bye. Just a parting for now and then an eternal happiness and togetherness.

You are in my prayers.

Theresa said...

Sending you love and light my friend!!!❤️

Kim Bornhorst said...

So happy you had her in your life. We never know how much time we get but what a blessing to have had her as well as anyone else that had the priviledge. Till you meet again.

Kays Kids said...

Where you think there is a hole left in your heart, will be filled to overflowing with wonderful memories.
"grief can not be fry cleaned away,
it must be washed with tears."
Hugs Kay

Julie said...

Pam what a wonderful tribute to your friend. I loved reading it and loved that you wrote "never say good bye but see ya later. In German there a word used to say good bye but actually means " Farewell, until we mean again". It is "Auf Wiedersehen". I though maybe you might have like this. Until you mean your friend again! Many Blessings,