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Friday, October 17, 2014

Ghoultide Gathering 2014

Another Success, Another Memory......
"Ghoultide Gathering" has come and gone and I'm still giddy from the event.  This was my 6th year as a vendor and it still continues to give me those "magical" shivers from how amazing this show actually is.  Even as a small child, who LOVED Halloween, I can't remember being so in awe of the Halloween atmosphere.  Entering the huge barn-like building you can feel the rush and excitement as all the Halloween worker bees are busy at work constructing their personal spaces that will help bring their talent to life!   If you love Halloween then this is definitely the place to be!  Scott Smith and Bill Gilmore have fine tuned this event into a plethora of sights and sounds that capture the Halloween child in all of us!  

As the doors open into this magical world of orange and black there are "Spooky" door greeters at the entrance to welcome in the excited Halloween enthusiasts! They burst forward with excitement in search of their favorite artist as though they were those young kids again looking for that house that served up the BEST treats at Halloween!  We, as artists, stand prepared to greet those that have returned once again and the wide eyed "newbies" with handshakes and hugs as they begin to find that special character that they will add to their ever growing
collection of Halloween magic! 
This is an amazing time in the life of an artist....to see your work so loved and appreciated.   I, personally, have never experienced this at this kind of level until Ghoultide...and it still takes my breath away even after six years of being a part of Ghoultide Gathering!

Dan and I had a special treat this year doing Ghoultide, we were able to finally share it with part of our family.  Our daughter and her family have re-located to Toledo, OH which is about 45 minutes away.  It was so good to have Phil, our son in law, there to
help since both Dan and I have had a rather harsh year health wise. The best part was seeing the looks on our grandkids faces as they experienced the atmosphere of Ghoultide, its was nothing short of magical.  Ethan, who is 6, was captivated by Scott Smith's characters and reminded me of me when I use to look through the Main Street windows at Disneyland at the age of six, yep folks I was there opening day!  Jude, the oldest of our grandsons was quite
taken by the spookiness of David Schilling's "Shadow Farm" characters.....he LOVED them and I have to admit I thought they were pretty cool and unworldly!  I think the grandson that was having the best time ever was Grayson, the youngest.  His smile never left his face as he walked through the show seeing all the colors and magic of the event.  He especially enjoyed Laurie Hardin's "Monkey Cat Studios" and all the color and funny expressions at Kerry Schidmt's "Paper Moon Gallery". 
He was very animated telling me about the BIG grinning pumpkin on Laurie Hardin's table and how it was the GREAT PUMPKIN!  Seeing Halloween through the eyes of a child is the best treat ever!

Since I was pretty confined to my space for most of the show because it just never stopped being busy and also I don't get around very well any longer, I was unable to get pictures  of all the artists.  Dan did, however, get quite a few of them setting up their booths and this year I think everyone outdid themselves with the theme of Halloween.  There is such a camaraderie among the artists at this show that neither Dan or myself have ever felt at any other venue.  The laughter and stories can be heard throughout since it has been a year since many of us have seen each other.  There is just something "hauntingly" wonderful in the air at this event....it is an experience to be savored!   If you love Halloween and you have an inner child that is screaming to get out then come and see us at
"Ghoultide Gathering".  There is something for everyone young and old at this event.  I know this to be true after seeing the wide eyed excitement in the eyes of my own grandsons.  A VERY special thank you to "Tammy Strum" for the pumpkin lanterns...they loved them! 

Thank you Bill and Scott for yet another successful year filled with magic, imagination and sense of childhood that many of us hang onto.  Looking forward to next year with a strong sense of friendship, magic, imagination and HALLOWEEN!


shelly said...

Pam, what a great day..thank you for all your hard work..your booth was the one to rush to..the pictures you posted are wonderful...it was so good to see you and to bring home some of your special halloween peeps..they are the best..thanks for the nice blog..I love it...shelly

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

wow this would be a show to see..:) thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics..everything looked amazing.;)

Kitty said...

What a BEAUTIFUL blog post!! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Your photos are wonderful :).

Jan said...

Isn't Dustin Poche wonderful, he is adorable. Not to mention talented! I met him at NIADA in Orlando. Thank you for the photos and sharing your sentiments. Through your description, I can tell there's a whole lotta love going on. How very cool. I live in Minnesota, and every year, I think about going. I wish it was longer, and that you guys (the artists) would teach classes.

Kays Kids said...

Amazing. What a wonderful show. I could feel the love coming through your beautiful pictures. Thank you
Hugs Kay