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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Many of us will be sitting back and taking a good look at the year that has just passed...so much to be thankful for and yet very happy that 2014 is right around the corner!  2013 has definitely been an eventful year for Dan and I and not all of it happy.  Like many of you we have said good bye to friends as they start out on that next journey and we only have their memory to carry with us, we over came obstacles that we thought, at the time, we were NEVER going to conquer and we did it together...but 2013 also carried with it new and exciting adventures too.   "Soft in the Head" has risen to yet another level of accomplishments which in itself is reason for me to celebrate since every nuance of this art world is a constant challenge and mystery to me.... 

I have discovered forever friendships through adversity and said good bye to others I felt needed to be let go in order for me to continue down that road of truth and positive thinking.  My biggest challenge for 2013 was learning to accept myself, flaws and all and realize that in spite of ALL my bad decisions I am a good and caring person and a constant work in progress....as I have always said it isn't the destination that is exciting it is the road we take getting there and this old lady has had plenty of excitement!  I've learned that holding onto ones integrity is without a doubt the best gift we can give ourselves cause once you give it away it is gone and next to impossible to get back!

Almost loosing my life this past year brought the reality of what is truly important back into perspective.  The love I have for Dan and my children is my salvation and the gift that keeps on giving.  Nothing can compare....thank you 2013 for reminding me of this.  I am the wealthiest woman I  know when it comes to this!   I'm also thankful that I can now walk for short periods without the use of a cane when a year ago I couldn't walk at all.  2014 will be the year that I will begin to stand without pain and maybe even dance with my husband once again!  So much to hope and plan for!

This last year was the best year yet for "Soft in the Head" and I only have my amazing collectors to thank for that.  My followers and collectors make me strive to excel and keep me reaching for that brass ring on the "Merry-Go-Round of life"!  Bless all of you so much!  Many new plans are in the works for "Soft in the Head"...new avenues and new challenges!  

I raise my glass to all of you this "New Year" and wish you much love, laughter and a full and exciting life!  Godspeed my friends!  Blessed Be!


Jan said...

Thank you for your friendship and I send to you many good blessings and good health for the New Year. Hugs to you and Dan and I too am so blessed that you are in my life. Here's to an awesome and memorable New Year,
Jan, Greg and the fur babies, Phoebe , Baxter and Pete the canary.
Happy 2014 and good bye 2013

WoolenSails said...

As we get older and encounter bumps in the road, we really learn what is important. I hope your new year brings you much happiness and joy and I look forward to seeing what new things you create.


Kays Kids said...

Wonderful words again Pam. I know it takes a big scare in life like you had, and I have had to make you realize what is important in life.
I wish you strength to achieve all you wish for and good health.
Thank you for all your wonderful writing in 2013.
Hugs Kay

Z Asha said...

Hello Pam! Looks like you've had as challenging a year as most of us! I am so sorry to hear about all the harder parts...but, you are a spit-fire and I know you will make 2014 an amazing one! Thanks for being a friend! :)

Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

Happy New Year Pam, may 2014 bring you and yours love, joy and good health! Deb

shelly said...

Pam, thanks for sharing. It has been a year that has gone by so fast, and a year of new friendships and ideas that will take us into the 2014. Let the creative juices flow, and ideas be never ending..shelly