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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Finding and Creating Your "Bliss"
Many times one will find themselves alone more than they would like and with this comes "thinking".  Now thinking can either be your best friend or worst enemy!  In my case I think it's split right down the middle!  We all have those bouts of self doubt and question every decision we make more times than need be...it takes time and growth to feel comfortable enough to trust ourselves cause if we make the wrong decision than we need to be adult enough to admit it and move on....Trust me I've moved on "A LOT"!  I laugh at myself constantly due to those decisions that warrant groveling afterwards!  In spite of everything I still try to find the positive even if it is neck deep in the negative...it is such an important part of life to stay positive and actually feel good about what you do or have done....I call this finding your "Bliss".  

Now "Bliss" can come from many facets of ones life....your family, friends and interests!  What truly becomes magical is when you can combine it all into one big "Salad of Life" and give yourself a serving everyday!  I found this "Bliss" with Soft in the Head.  My life before Soft in the Head was a rat race with no one ever getting the cheese!  When I decided that the "Rat Race" could do with one less rat I found what truly lies beneath all my layers ....my "Bliss"!  

I love creating, I'm not great at it but I do okay!  What I truly enjoy is taking something simple like a piece of cloth and making it come alive!  I know many have moved on to working with clay because frankly clay can be manipulated to express itself so much easier than fabric....I also love the "Prim" world.  I'm not an extreme prim designer, tried it once but changed it up a bit to keep it from looking to much like everyone else.  Once I moved away from it I was able to develop more of my own style which is "whimsical"  Some have called my new style of primitive and whimsical "Primsical"......I like it!  

My imagination has always been my greatest tool....as far as skills I'm working on it.  It truly amazes me the artists out there that have incredible skills but limited imaginations, I'm just the opposite.  Now,  if I were to ever work with clay or silicone "look out"....oh my, what I could come up with !!!!  But I love cloth and besides who wants to shop with someone known as "Hard in the Head"?
Finding your "Bliss" is such an important part of life.  I know that life's responsibilities can sometimes clutter the road to finding your bliss but never give up the search!  Once you find it something truly amazing begins to take shape inside you....it's called happiness!


WoolenSails said...

I just love seeing your new creations and have always loved your cat pieces. I do have the kitty O'leary when you offered it as a freebie, so want to make that one. Someday I would love to get one of your kitties, just love the type like Sweet Suzanne and the English kitty that you did.


Mary Ann said...

You have a very unique style that's all yours...love it:)

Wendyswhimseys said...

Pam, I love reading your blogs. You seem to put into words exactly what I'm thinking. I'm always second guessing myself.
I think you are very creative and I am amazed at all the different works of art that come out of your little studio. Your Halloween lanterns are fabulous and your MICE, well I can't wait to see what comes next. You truly are a wonderful artist.
I hope your health will not let you down because we need you and your words of wisdom in this crafty world!
I have found my bliss! Wendy

kstehens100 said...

I so needed your words today!!! This post is encouraging and comforting to me. Thank you, kat

Kays Kids said...

I feel just like you in so many of your writings. I think it came to me a lot when I was in bed for years, and having time to think. What a blessing it is to have time to think.
Priorities change, and Peace can fill you, and give your imagination the permission to fly.
I do hope you are starting to feel a little better again.

Carol Roll said...

Pam it shows in your work how much you enjoy the process.

suz said...

finding one's bliss is so important and I'm so happy you have found yours. I know you've been going thru some really rough times, but you always seem to have a positive outlook. As for your work, Primsicle is a perfect word to describe your work which is, and I know I speak for many, many others, totally amazing! I can't get over what you achieve with fabric and some old things that most people would just throw away! Your work is delightful and I look forward to reading your blog and Facebook entries! Have a great 4th.