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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Marketplace for Februry.....

"Marabelle"  SOLD
"PFATT for February"

This month on the "Marketplace" Soft in the Head has decided to embrace "SPRING"!  It seems with all the cold white weather that is embracing the Northeast that a bit of SPRING is what we all need....besides I love BUNNIES!!!!!!!   

We have two new bunnies this month and one different type of mouse, well different for this designer of the rodent persuasion.  It seems that "Nursery Rhymes and Children's Beloved Characters" are my new adventure!

"Marabelle" is my little school girl bunny.  She is attached to a vintage wooden bobbin.  I love her fuzzy body,  green/pink plaid dress and her polka dot ears.  She has her own book about "Bunny Tales" and gets to ring the school bell!  Bunnies are always a delight and make all of us feel closer to our childhoods.....
"Bo Peep"  SOLD
When I was young I loved "Bo Peep" and her sheep.....now I love changing that up a bit and making a mouse "Bo Peep" with her sheep!  This little lady is dressed in all types of vintage fabrics and laces to add to the quaintness of "Bo Peep"!  Notice her little sheep...to cute huh?

Now this last little guy was one that gave me fits!  I had this idea in my head what I wanted to do but he just kept coming together the way he wanted to come together, stubborn little bunny!  Meet "Harmon Orestad Plush" or to his friends HOP!  I've had these silly little shoes floating around my workroom for quite some time and thought they needed a home....now Harmon is sportin' some rather cool "kicks"!  HOP totally stands on his own and would be just fun sitting out for spring and Easter!

Hope you will all make some time and "hop" over to the "PFATT Marketplace" on the 10th.....so much talent and a great place to visit and relax with a cup of tea or coffee.....

NO EARLY SALES PLEASE....this ol' Softee had a tough week!


Kays Kids said...

Sorry you had a tough week. We ended up lucky to be able to see 3 delightful characters.

Laurie Duberg said...

I'm sorry I missed Bo Peep. As I have stated in previous comments I'm a huge fan of yours and your magical creations. So many of your beautiful creations are my favorites. But, I'm a big fan of mice and frogs. However,I must admit I love all of your wowonderful work.