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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Random Thoughts and Then.....

It's been some time since I just sat here in front of my computer/blog and told a story or related some deep seated feeling I was having at the time.  So many things have been going on here this past year at the home of "Soft in the Head" and not all of them deserve a story or even time to mull over, some better left alone of just forgotten...but alas life is life and we take all phases of it and adapt and carry on!  It's that old adage..."When we get lemons we make lemonade"!  Well this Ol' Softee has had her quota of lemonade to last many lifetimes this year and the year just started less than two months ago!!

As some of you know this old girls health has been making a slow (hopefully very slow) decline since I had that massive tumor removed back in 2011.  Some of it I can chalk up to just bad luck and some to getting older but nonetheless I am far from the Ol' Softee I was a few years ago and it has me thinkin' the think and talkin' the talk......what is it I really want to do with the rest of my life.  Of course ones financial state often limits ones options in choices but your over all attitude about your life is still and always will be yours.  Well my friends I want to be a GRANDMA!!!!!  To those that have known me most of my life will find that statement hilarious cause I was one of those that fought hard and heavy against the "grandma" title!  Heck, in college I was voted most unlikely to ever get married or to even have children......children ICK!  I found children disturbing and obnoxious with a never ending supply of snot and sticky fingers not to mention that annoying squealing sound they make when they don't get their way!  I know you're probably all wondering at this point how I could have ever been a mom....me too!

My kids grew up knowing that they only had 18 years with me and then they became societies problem and responsible for their own actions (totally).  They were led to believe that home cooked food would never happen that when I cooked it came in a box with handles or a bucket!  Cleanliness was definitely worth extra bonuses of  the monetary amount and that I never took sides in any of their disagreements unless bribed!  There was always an unlimited amount of humor in our home and all their friends were not excluded from my constant need to pull the occasional prank....like calling our daughter's current boyfriend by any name but his own or explaining to a new girlfriend of our sons that we hope he will eventually figure out how important underwear really is.....Ahhh life in our house was never dull!  Now,  I want to use what I know to torture my grandkids with hopes that just maybe they will grow and become half the kind of people their parents have become!

I've often thought that my love for creating my silly little characters is a product of my undying need to laugh!  Humor is the best medicine for what ails any soul and guess what "there is no deductible or fee.....laughter is right there in your heart and soul and has a clear path easing your current discomfort!  There is humor to pretty much everything except maybe death and taxes...but even those, if searched hard enough can at least make you crack a smile.... The world is all about the balance we keep and even though bad stuff happens the good stuff has to wiggle its way in or the balance is off....and we all know what being "Off Balance" can cause...falling, dizziness and the ever diabolical crying!  

So my dear friends, blog followers and Facebook comrades this my insight for this month....no pearls of wisdom or spiritual insights just life as it is right now!  I do think I will begin the road to spending more time being a Grandparent and causing chaos for my kids....they deserve it after the time they gave us growing up.....but then again I am their mom and my apples DEFINITELY did not fall far from this tree...


WoolenSails said...

You sound a lot like me. I did the mom thing and cooked, but once they hit 18, I expected them to grow up and move out, lol. Now my son is married and expecting their first, so i am excited to be a grandma and a new grandson in the spring.


Sheryl Parsons said...

Grandchildren are the blessing of having raised your own children. I so wanted to be the perfect mom, but that was predicated on marrying the right man. Didn't do too well at either, but now, with my best hubby by my side I can be a great! grandma.

Hope your health starts to rally Pam! Life is too short to not be able to enjoy our little blessings. :-)