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Saturday, June 30, 2012

We're Okay....for now

                          ATTENTION EVERYONE PLEASE!
 Due to a HUGE storm last night we are currently without power (which means no air conditioner) or water.  As many of you know we live in an old country store that has no working windows and only one usable door....we also have a tin roof!  With the temperatures currently in the low 100's we had no choice but to pack up our cats and look for an alternate place to stay.....considering over 500,000 people are without power this was not an easy task.  We found the last available room in a rather run down motel in Lexington, Va. who just got their power restored and they have WiFi...so here we are.....I will need to return home tomorrow because Dan has to go back to work.....please start the prayers going cause I don't know how we are going to fare in our home without water and power (no air conditioner) in this awful heat!  

Also be advised that I will not be updating my "Primitive Peddler" page for July 1st.  I have the cutest patriotic lamb and a very prim cat but they will have to wait, sorry!  I will try to keep everyone update......Bloody Hot Here In Virginia!


Kays Kids said...

I feel for you. Heat saps any energy you have out the door. No Water would be awful. I sometimes wet a T shirt and put on.(not a good look on me) If you have no water then that is not even possible.
Hopefully power will resume soon.
Big Hugs

WoolenSails said...

I can't believe how bad the storms hit everyone, I have family down there too and haven't heard from that, but I am sure they are ok. I have had our air on, all day, cannot imagine being able to breath without it, glad you are ok and pray that you get your power restored tomorrow.


Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Omg! It sounds miserable ~ but you always ake te best of a situation! Hang on, girlfriend!

April said...

Cool wishes coming from Alabama to you! I heard about the storms. We are also having over 100 degree heat. Hope they get your power back on asap! I know about those tin roofs!! lol HOT!

Shagsy said...

I wish I could send you some of our Melbourne,Oz cold weather and rain Pam :(
You take care...will be thinking of you!!
Sharon in Oz xox

Bittersweetfolkart said...

The storms have been awful . So sorry ..I hope your power is restored soon . Hang in there !!

Shagsy said...

Not sure if the last comment went through...........so will try again!!!

I wish I could send over some of our cold, wet Melbourne Oz weather to you Pam :(
You take care...will be thinking of you.
Big hugs
Sharon in Oz xx

Lady Locust said...

We've had two power outages in the past 2 weeks as well, but milder temps. You really are living the primitive life:) God bless and keep well.