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Monday, May 21, 2012

"Pumpkins On the Brain"!

"Pumpkin-Heads Through the Years"....
"Grimm" ©2003
As I begin to dive into my designs for this years "Ghoultide Gathering" I find myself flashing back to that first "pumpkin-head" I did so many years ago. Looking at the images I have from the beginning till now it surprises me to see the changes,  but what's even more surprising is how some of the designs I had years ago have become popular by so many others. Does this mean I was way before my time or just the inspiration for others to begin their journeys? Hmmm interesting? 
"Spooky" ©2006
"Julius Pattern" ©2004

I mean a round head is a round head but it's what you do with it that matters! For instance: Look at what Joyce Stahl has done with hers....her 3-D eyes are easily recognizable, (and copied), by many artists and have a HUGE following of collectors! Then there is Kaf Grimm, who is one of my favorite doll designers. She took the round head and created a whimsical face by putting the eyes far apart with sewn on lids....This look is seen everywhere by others who try to capture that same magic for their dolls often claiming it to be their own design! Both Kaf and Joyce have been around spinning their magic long before many of the doll makers even thought about making a doll! 
"Pumpkin Lantern ©2008
"Stretch" ©2009

Now back to my pumpkin-heads..... I love making them and do extremely well with them at Halloween. Often I try to give them a personality with their face, never making two the same. I've attached heads to all kinds of bases and turned something that would have been tossed into a treasure with just a bit of imagination and a whimsical pumpkin-head! My "Pumpkin Lanterns" are a great example of this and also VERY popular and readily sold-out within minutes at "Ghoultide".
"Mr. Tic Toc" ©2010
"Time Keeper" ©2011

I love that my mind is always in a state of imagination and that no matter what is sitting in front of me I often imagine it in a completely different state of being! I love Halloween and find that "round" is my favorite shape for this time of year. I can remember 10 years ago sitting at my friend Stacey Mead's kitchen table and drawing out a round head for her and telling her this is going to be "HOT"!!!! Boy that was an understatement!!!!!! 


LuLu Kellogg said...

Pam, your art always makes me smile!!! I just adore it!

Happy Week!

Kays Kids said...

Pumpkin heads are hot. Well done for the design all those years ago.

Stacey said...

Oh how I remember that day! .....I did ONE. I wasn't fond of stuffing them! Now I am repeatedly asked to do them....it's kinda like making a cat take a bath for me, but I will try it again. And probably still come to the same conclusion! Yours are awesome!