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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's and Memories

"My Mom"
I have often asked myself what "Mothers Day" means to me and quite frankly come up empty every time.  It just never seemed right that there should only be one day to celebrate a mom cause being a mom is a 24/7 plus job.  When you aren't physically doing something for your children you're thinking about your children!  This NEVER goes away even when they live in all parts of the world and have families of there own.  One day just doesn't seem like enough, lol!

My mom lives 3000 miles from me and we have to celebrate this day over the phone.  My mom has had a very emotional year finding that those she had loved and trusted didn't have her best welfare in mind but their own selfish agenda.  Very sad....but one thing I learned from my mom was to survive regardless the situation.  Be it angry, sad or hurt, survive and move on!  She always taught me that hard work would always give you more than a paycheck but the belief in yourself that when you decide and put forth the effort everything is within your reach...oh yes, and laugh at yourself once in awhile because if you can't have a sense of humor about yourself than often your days will be filled with anger and frustration!  I laugh at myself a lot!!!!!  It's funny how we pass on those lessons to our own children and then they
"Grandma Mary and Casey"
do the same with theirs.  Dan and I have been so blessed....between the two of us our kids, Casey, David and Chip, have had the best of two worlds....me the avid free spirit with the "save the whales" mentality and Dan, the compassionate and logical one with "only save one whale at a time" attitude.

Dan was very fortunate to have been raise with an incredible sense of integrity and morals.  Much of that has found it's way into our general way of life and we can only hope that our children will carry that into their own families.....I contribute so much of Dan's code of excellence (lol) to his roots and his Portuguese grandmother, Grandma Mary!  She was the most remarkable woman and one that left such a positive and everlasting influence on me!  We lost her in 1989, not to long after we lost Dan's father.  She never recovered from loosing her youngest son and was found collapsed at his grave where she never regain consciousness.  The need we have to be with our children, whether physically or through some astral plain takes root the minute they are conceived and continues to grow throughout their life.  It never matters where they are they remain in our heart as though they are the ones making each beat!  Mothers Day is everyday of our lives not just one day in May.....because being a mom is a gift that just gets better everyday!


Olesha said...

Прекрасный пост... Дай Бог здоровья Вашей маме!!!

lilraggedyangie said...

Beautiful post Pam ...Happy Mothers Day to you and your mom ...it has to be hard to be so far apart but Im sure it gives your mom such peace to know you love her! Wishing you a day full of love and happiness! hugs lil raggedy angie

Kays Kids said...

Happy mothers day to you Pam.I'm sure your phone call to your Mum would be priceless to her. Dear Aunt Mary looks as though she is holding a doll; because your daughter is so perfect.
Mothers say in our hearts forever.