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Friday, April 13, 2012

Ghoultide Prep.....

"Finding My Creative Spirit"
After this last week of fighting battles that may NEVER end the war, I find that throwing my creative spirit into what I love more than anything, Halloween, has been the best medicine for me and a heck of lot easier to swallow, lol!  Having an Ad deadline for "Ghoultide Gathering" definitely helped motivate me but the reality of it all is that this is where I truly find happiness and peace, with the scary and imaginative.  Someone was truly looking out for me the day that I received my invite to this amazing show, thank you Scott and Stephanie,  it saved my artistic soul on so many levels!  With all the copying, pattern theft and just BAD Karma that is surrounding the "prim" world right now I feel so fortunate that I have this road to travel, one that continues to be positive and full of anticipation!  

Today is a new day and I have another deadline to keep me busy, "Simply Primitives"....I see some mice taking shape and reaching out for their personality to take form but off to the side I have a Raven calling my name.  He is my next "Ghoultide Gathering" piece.  Last night, unable to sleep, I pulled out a sketchbook....now anyone that knows me knows drawing a straight line is difficult for me so sketching anything is laughable... but something else was guiding my hand last night and the ideas were flowing like a creek after a good rain.  It's tough to be original and unless you have one of those mad skills like painting, sculpting or writing you are often copied within hours after you have shown your new piece.  My gift is my imagination, my skill level is questionable, but my imagination rocks!  Often I see the world with a warped humor and this is carried through in my work,  but unfortunately for me "imaginations" are easily copied and anyone with better skills than me, well need I say more?  I try to stay ahead of the masses and continue to be true to what I love and keep smiling...but there are days that the Ol' smile dips to a frown and is often partnered with tears.  "Ghoultide Gathering" gives me the opportunity to let my imagination soar and lifts my spirit with gentle gossamer wings and a witches cackle...I'm off to grab my broom and go for a ride in my imaginative world!


Tallowberry Primitives and FolkArt said...

And what a gift it is! I stand in awe of your imagination.

Enjoy your broom ride. I can't wait to see where it takes you next.


soll said...

Ваш блог завораживает!

MJL said...

You are amazing, your imagination is unbelievable. I've been looking at the Ghoultide Gathering site and am seriously thinking about taking a trip to Michigan in Oct. just to see this show. It's been awhile since I've been on a trip and this would be a trip to remember... Keep up the good work. It takes an amazing mind to be able to create like you do. Thank you for sharing!!!

MJL said...

I'd also like to comment about those who copy your work. I hope those who buy a copier's work, realize that they are purchasing just that a copy, not the original and unless they purchase the original, they are not getting their monies worth. The real thing is always more valuable than a fake. And for those who have to copy the work of others, their not good enough to fit in your shoes. They obviously don't have the confidence in themselves to create on their own and shame, shame, on them.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

You go girl!!!
Can't wait to see where your broom takes you ~ I'm sure it's going to be jaw dropping wonderful!!!
Keep that creative soul going!!!
Prim Blessings