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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Birthdays and Little Girls.......

"The Birthday Girl"

Our granddaughter Abby turned 7 yesterday in Australia and today here in the U.S.  As I sit here and write this post I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my heart, cause you see it has been almost six years since I got my last hug from my adorable granddaughter! 
Life has a way of turning tides on you in the blink of an eye....I NEVER dreamed that our children would end up so far from home and Dan and I would become internet grandparents...but the reality of it all is that our world is getting smaller and our children are spreading their wings with optimism and adventure in their hearts.  It is just a matter of time before what
Dan and I experience will be as common as passing the salt at dinner.  When you get right down to it, I guess Dan and I are to blame for most of it cause we raised our kids to be independent thinkers and to embrace life with both arms.....and to have NO FEAR!  Experience and knowledge are your best friends on the road of life and I have to say our kids come pretty well equipped!

Miss Abby was so excited about her birthday when Grandpa and I sang "Happy Birthday" to her over the phone.  In her "Australian" accent (though she is quick to remind me I'm the one with the accent) we got the itinerary
of the birthday events which started off with a "Tea Party"!  How quaint and so "girlie"....our son was in awe of his little princess as she reaches yet another milestone.  Abby is our only granddaughter and the oldest of our 6 grand-kids....and we think she is BEAUTIFUL!

Hold tightly to your children while you have them....be kind and supportive....and PLEASE remember, during those REALLY stressful and exhausting times "be careful what you wish for"....cause ya NEVER know it could happen!  Happy Birthday Abigail!  Here's to the next 100 birthdays and tea parties in your life!


Angela said...

Oh my, such a bittersweet post. Abby is a doll and Happy Birthday dear Abby. And a big hug goes out to you Grandma. Being a Nana myself your post brought tears to my eyes. My daughter just lives 5 miles from me and I see my granddaughter almost daily. To go even a week before has been so hard I can't imagine years. Thank God for technology and phones. I am sure she knows her grandparents love her and maybe soon you will get to make up for those hugs. Have a blessed Sunday

WoolenSails said...

That is hard to be so far away, but so nice that we can be with our families online. I am lucky, my kids like living here, so no plans of going anywhere.


Kays Kids said...

I love your post and feel for you at the same time. You have equipped your
Children well to be what they want to be and fly where they want to fly.
Two of my girls are near me and a Son who has flown. So I know exactly how you feel.
I have an Abbey as one of my grandchildren, she is 8. So I'm glad we have another Abby, in Australia as well.
Love to you,