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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Small Business Saturday Nov. 26th!

Shop Small Business's This Season!

I'm like many of you out there pinching pennies has become a way of life......but when it comes to Christmas shopping I'm not always looking for the best deal or interested in the shoulder to shoulder marching through the malls looking at everything I don't need! My Christmas lists are very well thought out and special. Of course, toys are toys and no one can compete with the billions of dollars put into advertising to brainwash our children, so we succumb to purchasing the popular super hero or princess that is out there!

When it comes to my older friends and family I like to find something special and often one of a kind. You can usually find this in your downtown small independent stores. I love the feel of shopping in friendly small towns, it reminds me so much of my childhood when all the shop owners seem to know your name and your secret Santa wish!
Not only that, but everyone is friendlier and in the "Spirit" of the season...

This weekend is our opportunity to help get back a bit of the "Spirit of Christmas" by helping out all our small business owners by doing some shopping with them this season! If everyone of us just bought one thing can you imagine the impact it could have....small town America could thrive and remain with us instead of being just a memory of days gone by....Please take the time to shop in your downtown small businesses. Remember November 26th and make a difference!


suz said...

I love this idea. Sadly it's hard to find small businesses for Christmas shopping where I live - so I'm heading north and helping my favorite quilt shop - just a little pre-bday shopping for myself! My gift shopping is pretty well done anyway - just a couple of gift certificates.

Kays Kids said...

I can't cope with all the hustle and bussel of the city, so I shop in suburban stores.

The English Romantic said...

Small town shopping!!, that's for me everytime.
Hugs, Angela.

glimmering prize said...

it drives me crazy the way Vt has become over run with big box stores, that have taken away the charm of small towns. thanks for sharing this, hopefully more people will occupy their own villages/towns instead of Walmart this Saturday! me, i will be shopping online with you! hugs! lorraine

Newcastle Inn said...

I couldn't agree more and plan on shopping in my great little towns of Newcastle and Damariscotta tomorrow! The local shops have much more interesting things than what you find in the shopping malls!