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Friday, November 18, 2011

It Begins With a Tree.................

As the Christmas music flows through my home and the cinnamon candles flicker sending off the scent of cookies baking I begin to reminiscence of "ALL" the Christmas' gone by. I truly believe, that whatever your faith or calling, that this time of year has such a magic about it that it re-charges everyone's batteries so we can deal with humanity at its best and/or worst! You see it on the faces of young and old as they take a deep breath of the season! Times are more difficult for many of us, more so now than they ever were in the past, but even with that there seems to be a sense of peace in our hearts as nature begins its winter sleep. Often I wonder how I can have so many memories stuffed into this rather small space called my brain....I love to remember the simple things from my own Christmas' as a child...like Dad always using nothing but blue lights on the tree every year and hanging each strand of tinsel individually till the entire tree was engulfed in silver! Or when Santa (snicker) wouldn't use my stocking but instead stuff a once forgotten boot in my closet! I can still smell the crisp evening air as we bundled up to hit the tree lots in Los Angeles for that perfect Noble Fir Dad had to have every year! Then coming home to Mary Martin playing "Peter Pan" on the television and Dad softly cursing in the background as he tried to get the tree into its stand! Once it was decorated I would lie under it and looked up into the magic of wishes and dreams all dressed in silver and blue. Funny how some memories never seem to leave us and often meld into who you become later on....Yep you guess it, I'm a dreamer and a fanciful, imaginative person who still looks for stuffed boots and likes tinsel (duh!)......Everytime we decorate our tree we're able to relive a lot of those Christmas memories with each treasured ornament that comes out of the boxes. The paper cut-outs the kids made in school, the photos glued to stars and candy canes or the toilet paper tube Santa's. Each one is a masterpiece and has survived time with much love. I even have one ornament, a little choir boy, that was my favorite as a child. It may only be a piece of metallic plastic to many but to me it holds that childhood magic that created who I am today. I really chuckle when I pull out this battered little Santa that was purchased 39 years ago for Dan's and my first Christmas together. We had barely enough money for a "Charlie Brown" tree and one ornament....the Santa! That Santa means more to me than all the fanciest and most expensive ornaments out there cause Dan bought it for me with love in his eyes and heart and the silliest grin on his face that I remember like it happened yesterday! Remember: it's what you hold in your heart that is important, not your hands! Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice to All!


LuLu Kellogg said...

I too love thinking back of all the wonderful memories from my childhood during this time of year. I remember my sister and myself would always lie under the tree too staring up at all the lights and taking in the wonderful smell of that tree and the baking that was going on in our kitchen. We always put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. To this day, I still put my tree up the day after Thanksgiving :)

I still have a an old plastic reindeer I had as a kid and keep it out in my studio year round :)

Merry Christmas and Happy Solstice to you too Pam!


DellaRae said...

You are so right...it is what you hold in your heart, not your hands that is important. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

WoolenSails said...

My grandmother made ceramics and ornaments for us, and we each has one with our name on it. The rest was mostly hand made items and with 8 kids there was plenty to cover the tree.

I was shocked to learn that thanksgiving is this week, when did that happen, lol.


Hanni said...

I do wish sometimes these happy times would all come back, nothing of that huzzle and buzzle, oh we need to buy presents, everyone has to out do each other with expensive gifts, no, no that was not the meaning of Christmas. I grew up in Germany and I have and had wonderful Christmases there and so many childhood memories, sometimes I wish I could have a magic wand and bring the simplicity all back. We are truly pleased, so many people on this earth go without.

TheCrankyCrow said...

So very well expressed Pam....I have boxes of ornaments and treasured decorations I will likely never have place to display, but I cannot part with them, because I remember each one - who gifted it to me, or how my hubby thoughtfully knew I loved Christmas and would love this treasure or that. And the memories - they seem to come unbeckoned in this season, do they not? Wishing you a blessed holiday tide....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Kays Kids said...

Dear Pam, You write so well, and from your heart.I loooove the Christmas stoy's.
The first year after my marriage broke up, I couldn't afford Christmas decorations, So I bought a roll of red ribbon and tied bows all over a little pine tree. To this day I still hang two or three of the bows on my tree. My tree is full of memories.
Thank so much for your wonderful words.

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Oh my gosh your post brought out so many of my fondest Christmas memories. My Mom had to have blue lights on the trees and that tinsel that used to stick to you when you walked by!!! I too loved to lay under the Christmas tree and look up at all the sparkle and hoping I would find something that someone might have missed!!!
I too cherish all the ornaments I receive.
Thanks so much for a wonderful post.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!!!
Prim Blessings