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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Line That Binds......

This one is for you Stephanie!
Often, as we look back on the years that have passed with our children and our family as a unit, we find a common bond that developed within our home. Something that is special and unique that makes us who we are. In our family it has always been nature and the environment. As far back as I can remember in my own life camping and the rugged outdoors was a major part of my life. I climbed Mt. Hood 4 times before I was 17 and probably back-packed more miles into the wilderness than I had driven in a car. I have such respect and admiration for "Mother Nature" and all that she is capable off. Life lessons can be learned from watching "Mother Nature" in action, lessons we often carry with us always. Dan was always a student of the outdoors as well. He loved the art of fishing. Not just the baiting of a hook and tossing it into the water but the whole idea of being one with nature and out smarting the fish. Dan is a "fly fisherman"! Probably one of the best known in this country. He has traveled many places to fish, taught some very famous people, made long time friends and taught his own children the art and poetry of the sport as well. Just a few minutes watching Dan casting into a rough and moving river, with only one target in sight, a log which breaks the water into a smooth and tranquil pond, will convince you that it truly is poetry in motion. I loved sitting on the banks of the river to watch the line swish back and forth with grace, rhythm
and accuracy and then finding its target with no effort at all. Within moments a fish is fighting the line as Dan reels it in to gently handle it and remove the barb-less fly and set the fish on his way. We are only a "catch and release" family....we want fish we usually buy it in the store unless we are camping and eating from the land. I could write pages about how fishing has influenced all of us in this family and hoping that the next generation of Gracia's will get to benefit from all the knowledge and love that their Grandpa has for this sport. It's a sport that teaches discipline, kindness and appreciation while it educates you about this amazing planet and the creatures that live here.

Pictures: Dan and our son Chip finishing the McCloud River No. California

Our daughter Casey at 7 looking at tonight's dinner with our son David at 5 tying a fly onto his line.

Our son Chip at 3 showing off his first fish!

Grandpa showing Jude (our grandson) the beginnings of a legacy, the fishing rod!


WoolenSails said...

I always went fishing with my dad. Loved fishing in maine, non ending lakes and water so clear you could see the fish swimming under the boat. I took our kids fishing, but we haven't done it in years.


TheCrankyCrow said...

What a wonderful legacy....and bond. I hope it continues long and strong for your family. I've always admired the "grace" involved in fly fishing, but have never experienced it up close and personal. Have a wonderful weekend.... Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin