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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do You Cartwheel.....?

Remember how easy it was when you were young to play out on the lawn and do one cartwheel after another. They never had to be perfect just fun! I miss those days! Now if I were to try a cartwheel I would not only break my neck but leave a rather large dent in the ground, maybe even get permanently implanted! I know it would take more than a couple strong arms to pull be up, possibly an entire small country. On a warm day like today I do a lot of reflecting and tying the smells with the visual. A newly mowed lawn is what made me think about the cartwheels. I loved that smell and when I was young my friends and I would spend hours tumbling and showing off our (what we thought) skills on the newly mowed lawn! Being young came that adventurous streak that made all of us think we were invincible and the "queens of the world!" Though I never had any formal training in the cartwheel department mine were often thought of as flawless. This opinion came from a group of eight year olds and we all know they pretty much know everything about cartwheels and tumbling in general. I mean, after all, how many beds did you jump on before you were twelve....see we all have a hidden talent that we forgot to embrace! Not only did an adrenalin rush come with flipping through the air but also that feeling of complete and utter "freedom"....freedom from responsibility...that's what adults were for. So now, I have the world of responsibility and not cartwheels and with that comes....Hmmmm...less bruises?


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Cute post.
I might go try to do one ~ just to see if I still can!!!
Many memories come flooding back!
Prim Blessings

lynn said...

Gosh Pam, I just love to come on and see what new little golden tidbit you have for us on any given day. You so touch my heart in many ways with your creative thoughts when writing and when actually making your critters. I wish I lived close by so I could come by and get some Pam hugs every now and then. It just seems like everything would be okay when getting one of those. Hee hee. BTW...don't think for a second I missed the mini PODD!!!!! I had dreams about it. I would go on and put in for the contest but I only want the PODD!!!! LOL!!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

It is so strange that you would post this....As a child, I never could do a cartwheel - don't know why - perhaps fear? But, often, as a "much older child," I imagine myself doing them....Perhaps trying to capture that freedom and adventure I fear I missed out on?? You truly making me think Girl...(But, hey - cartwheels maybe not; but I was the hula hoop champ in these parts!) Smiles & Cartwheel Dreams ~ Robin