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Monday, May 16, 2011

Stopping Time......

Happy Birthday Sweet Cassaundra (Casey to us).....
There are times as a parent that you wish that old saying "put a brick on their head to stop them from growing" had been true, then again how exciting would the adventure have been? Our daughter turns 38 today and with that comes a whirlwind of memories mixed with tears and smiles. If someone had told me 38 years ago that I would be sitting here today with this heart of mine ready to burst with love and in utter amazement at her accomplishments I don't think I would have been surprised. Dan and I always knew our kids were smarter than us from time they could walk so to see Casey become the woman she is....not surprised at all. Now maybe the paths she took to get here could have chosen a bit more wisely but, who out there can say that all their choices were wise ones? There are lessons to learn and hurdles to leap to develop our character.....so lets just say Casey is full of character, lol! She has become my best friend and my rock! Her wisdom never ceases to amaze me and the patience and understanding she shows with her three little boys is building such a strong foundation for them in their lives. I know they will grow to be exceptional young men because their mother wants nothing less for them. Often we wish we could go back in time and change something because we all want lives without regret.....but if everything that has transpired in the past needed to happen to make today the way it is I would NOT change a thing! I have a beautiful, inside and out, daughter who is a wife, mother, nurse, teacher, actor, singer and author. She is funny and witty with a bit of her mothers sense of humor! She has her fathers sense of integrity, optimism and that twinkle in the eye that keeps you guessing. I am so thankful everyday that we were blessed with this gift 38 years ago......now lets see what the next 38 will bring!


WoolenSails said...

They do grow up fast. Now that mine are old enough to enjoy adult time, they are too busy with their own lives;)


TheCrankyCrow said...

Happiest of birthdays to Cassaundra! She is a beautiful woman! And there is so much wisdom, truth and beauty in your words, I can see the apple must not have fallen far from the tree! ;o) Smiles ~ Robin

Ludmila said...

She is beautiful! God forbid her to be happy!

Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Happy Birthday to Cassaundra!
Your post was sweet!
Today is my daughter Amanda's birthday too! She turned 25 today ~ where does the time go?
Enjoy your day!
Prim Blessings

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter ! I received my Buzzy's Honey today and posted it on my blog .
Thank you so much ! He is the center of attention !

julieQ said...

What a wonderful tribute to your gorgeous girl! I wish for her 100 more!! I am a nurse too...