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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's the Little Things.....

Time has a way of showing us the importance of those fleeting moments that carry with them the essence of who and what we are, and why our lives have meaning and substance. Just like the picture of Grandpa (Dan) sitting for a moment with his grandson Jude and reading. The excitement and memory of this moment will last with us forever. Little things we do without thought or planning often result in the best memories. I use to tell my kids when they were young that we weren't going to have a vacation we were going to create a memory! Memories are what we carry with us through out time and often get us through those difficult and uncomfortable situations that life throws our way. I know that when I'm unhappy and blue I find going through the pictures of times gone by will put a smile on my face and some warmth in my heart. Even though my family is scattered to the four corners of this planet it's the pictures and stories attached to the pictures that keeps us together. When someone says a picture is worth a thousand words they weren't kidding! Even if I couldn't be there for Abby's (our granddaughter) first day of school the pictures I have lets me share in her smile and excitement.....Or when Jude passed swimming...or when Eli (our grandson) made a new friend with the neighbors dog and Ethan (our grandson) became a rock star! These are little things that hold so much love and need to be shared. Our kids have learned so much from their granola eating, tree hugging and dirt worshiping parents! Ah yes... it is the little things in life that often create the biggest hugs and smiles!


DellaRae said...

A beautiful and completely true post....when everything else is gone you still have your memories.

maddyrose said...

Nicely said. Pictures trigger memories and enable us to share in events with loved ones when we would not have been able to because of distance. The pictures of my parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles who have moved on to the next world keep them with me through memories. Have a great week.

Firecracker Kid said...

I'm with you on that. Making memories with photos is what I like to do too. We don't take trips or vacations. I just thank the Lord for what I have and joy it and my stay home and enjoy my family and fur babies and the little moments with them:)