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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Scary Times.......

From Fantasy to Being to Real.......
We all grew up with the images of Dorothy and Toto being sucked up and flying along in their house by a tornado but NEVER did any of us ever think that a tornado might pay us a visit some stormy night or day! Growing up partially in Texas I came to understand the terror that one of these weather monsters creates and prayed that I would never have to live anywhere that I could be touched by one. Well I guess it doesn't matter any longer where one lives because they seem to be landing just about everywhere. My brother just had one in Oregon in the mountains where he lives. Took out part of a forest....never heard of such a thing! Here in Virginia seven innocent souls lost their lives to a onslaught of these wind demons this last weekend....again I never thought here in Virginia we would have this fear but I guess I was wrong. Many of the homes around me, mine included, don't have basements or a safe place to hide if one does occur. I guess we just keep our eyes closed and faith open that we make it through! With every sound of thunder my heart skips a beat now. I use to love thunder storms but now they are bringing this menace with them and there is no escape from its destruction if it finds you! The days of thinking that a ride in a tornado brings a land of magic and fantasy are over because this is real and very dangerous. Please Everyone Be Safe!


WoolenSails said...

It is sad to see so much devastation in your area. Along with the fires, my prayers go out to all in their path.


Susan said...

I hope for no more dangerous weather to come through your area.
You must have been terribly afraid, especially without a storm cellar.
Let's pray for lovely spring and
summer months ahead.
Best Regards,
Susan B., Western MA

Ida Clare said...

I'm with you. All that devastation and loss of life is awful, not to mention scary even if you aren't in its path.

In Texas we are praying for rain due to the fires.

On a happier note, I love love your work and your site. I am new to blogging and yours is so dreamy and fantastic.

Carolyn said...

I'm in Northern Virginia and we've had our share of tornadoes up here too. About fifteen years ago, we watched one dance down our street! I never remember tornadoes being a threat when I was a child, growing up in this area.

Our two daughters were both in North Carolina when the recent, terrible tornadoes passed through; our youngest called us from her car absolutely terrified (it was rocking back and forth from the high winds and being pounded by hail) just outside a Petco. When the winds died, she and a friend ran back inside the store and were rushed to the back by an employee. It was much like the customers whose lives were saved at the Lowe's down there, although (fortunately) the Petco wasn't hit. In the meantime, our oldest daughter and her boyfriend were huddled together in our daughter's tiny powder room, scared to death. We figured out later that the tornado had passed in between where our two daughters were. Very scary.

No, Virginia is not immune. Like you, I've always loved a good thunderstorm, but now I listen for sudden high winds.

Take care!!