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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We Make Our Own Destiny....with a slight shove...
I honestly believe what keeps me going, besides the occasional slap on the side of the head by family and friends, is
my undying optimism about life. I have this little jade statue of the Earth Mother (thank you Dan) that sits right by my keyboard and every morning as I go through my personal little ritual of thanking the "Powers That Be" for all that is good, I pick up this statue and kiss her like a "Blarney Stone" and say thank you for keeping me going! I truly believe that all adversity in life has an up-side. Sometimes it is hard to find it through all the emotional chaos that happens in our short but hopefully meaningful existence. We as humans are expected to live through tragedy like enduring a bad musical....encore and all, and we do, well some of us do. The strong ones! Life is truly a gift and an adventure. Soooo when a "Fork in the Road" presents itself we are given a choice.....which road do you want to travel?

I was given a gift this Christmas by Dan. I'm looking at this gift as a possible opportunity to take "Soft in the Head" in a new direction. I have decided to discontinue doing patterns and focus more on the "one of kind" collector characters and Halloween.......but this new opportunity has great possibilities for me and also it is something I have never actually tried before. After I finish the game of "catch up" with my commissioned work I will jump into this new venture with enthusiasm and optimism. I think all of us need a good shot in the arm from time to time. So when a "Fork in the Road" presents itself to you choose a path with excitement and enthusiasm and don't forget to pack a lunch!


Betsy said...

I love how you look at life and face it Pam...you give me strength and you also encourage me to be the very best I can be every day!!!

I look forward to your new adventure....I am blessed I own So many of your designs...treasures I'll keep forever.

Blessings my sweet!!!


Stacey said...

As artists we must grow and it is always difficult to take that first step in different direction... especially when it is your living.
Necessity made me revisit sculpting at a time when it seems everyone is sculpting! It's working out well though and I have a bigger audience thatnow collect my work because of it. I just know that you will keep getting bigger and better. Most importantly, you will enjoy the creativity within yourself! I'm so excited for you! Shine on Pam!

Cedar Creek Primitives said...

Best wishes on your new adventure! I am sorry that you won't be doing patterns anymore, but as they say "the show must go on"! You do wonderful work and I am sure you are going to be a great success in your next venture!

WoolenSails said...

Optimism is what gets me through the day, lol.
I really love your creations and doubt, even with a pattern, I could make anything close to that. You have your own style and it shows in the finished ones you do.


Anonymous said...

BWAAA Bwaaaaa ): ): ): I will miss your patterns ! Bwaaaaa
I know you will succed as that is who you are . Best wishes to you . (:

kim said...

Oh! I will miss your patterns but cannot wait to see where the new road leads!!!
take care

PEA said...

Aw Pam I totally understand. What a wonderful gift your husband has given you. Freedom! To do only as your creative heart commands.
I haven't decided where in this craftdom I am going yet, I just know that it will probably be bumpy. But I am wearing boots so I should be just fine. LOL wink* wink*
I have to admit I will miss your patterns. I always enjoyed creating with them. A bit of fun and something different.
I am sure where ever you go in the craft world it will be magical.