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Monday, December 6, 2010

Naughty or Nice Card.......

Do You Play The "Naughty Or Nice" Santa Card at Christmas?
Christmas is the one time of the year that I think we, as parents, can actually have the upper hand with our children! If the rest of you out there were like me and your kids were smarter than you from the time they could walk then this holiday was always a great way to get even! For 362 days of the year I was lucky if I ever saw the color of the floor in the kids bedrooms, got any help in the kitchen or with with anything else....and "clean your room" was deemed swearing in our household!
I think the blackmail stopped when they all reached puberty but the years leading up to that were heaven on earth, cause for a few days I had control over their very "toy loving" existence with the help of that big elf, Santa! Threatening with being put on the naughty list and coal becoming the scariest "four letter" word uttered in our house proved to be better than "grounding or no t.v." during the holiday season! I'm sure Ol' Santa ran out of erasers when it came to writing our kids names in that magical book anyway, since our three had serious tendencies towards the bizarre and theatrical! I would find my middle child David setting traps for the "Old Guy" just so he could hold him hostage for better gifts! This at the age of "three"! Never a dull moment in the Gracia household! As our three got older the threatening became less and less effective.....until one day they actually realized just who Santa really was and "nice to Mom" became the new standard to live by in our household....It's good to be the "QUEEN"!


WoolenSails said...

Yes, that threat was a nice thing to have and I enjoyed it all month long;)


Lori Ann C. said...

ha ha ha!!!
Very cute!!
Come on . . . . My son was perfect all year!!

NOT!!! But he has a grin that melts my heart, even when he was bad! And still now when he's almost 29!

Have a wonderful holiday Pam!!