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Friday, October 8, 2010


This letter from Stephanie touched me so deeply I wanted to share it with everyone. Stephanie Rawson and Scott Smith work endlessly to put together this exceptional show and never once do they ask for anything in return. In fact most people have no idea who the masterminds behind "Ghoultide Gathering" truly are...

Reflections about "Ghoultide Gathering" from Stephanie Rawson....

Friday afternoon, after setting up the village all day, I had a moment to myself to sit on the park bench and take a breather before I left the village for the Hampton. I sat there in the warm autumn sunshine, trees tinged with red and watched the visitors stroll through the village.

I thought to myself that they have no idea of what was about to happen in the buildings in just a few hours and how tomorrow, the path that they were taking, would be transformed with Scott's Halloween people and a cemetery that would appear up overnight!

It wasn't long and I began to reflect on all that has happened since Scott and I first traveled to Northville in January 2007 to see if having a Halloween show in Northville was feasible.

The American Legion downtown was our first venue. Fifteen artists and one antique dealer crammed into a single room on a 94 degree day! Remember that, Jerry and Darla, Lori Ann, Allen, Paul, Debbie, Carolee, Pat, Debra and Scott? And we wondered if anyone would come and if our meager advertising budget would reach enough people. They were lined up down the block and we were all thrilled!

A phone call to Mill Race Village in 2008. I was excited that they would rent to us since they usually only did weddings. Back to Northville to show Scott the village. ( winter again) We sat in the buildings and envisioned Ghoultide at the village. There was also this big hole in the ground where they were going to build a general store. But Scott envisioned a path full of Halloween people that park visitors and guests would want to have a photo op with. No one noticed the big hole, just the amazing artwork and Scarecrows scattered throughout the park.

Three Ghoultides later the general store has been completed (just in time). The weather is expected to be cooler, the lines longer and the online buzz on about how Ghoultide is the Halloween show to see is widespread.

You have all had a hand in making this happen. You all share your enthusiasm of Ghoultide with your customers and followers. You design and present imaginative art to the customers often only available at Ghoultide. And, with a limited amount of space and for some, long distances traveled, your displays are some of the most creative that I have ever seen.The jurors had a difficult time judging. Only positive comments were made, and they loved every minute of being able to see your work without the throngs of people in the building.

The first year my table was near Pat, Paul and Carolee. Subsequent years I have been next to LoriAnn, Pam, Allen and Sheila. This year next to Will, Maria and Irene. New neighbors become the beginnings of new friendships. This is one of my favorite things about Ghoultide, talking with my neighbors and having the chance to appreciate their art.

This year the Mill Race Village staff and volunteers participated with us. Abbie Holden, the director, made sure that the Carriage House was emptied and ready for us.That was down to the wire! And Lucy, our docent that opens the buildings for us, stayed on both Friday and Saturday to help any way she could. These people are behind the scenes and make things happen for us. They allowed Scott and I to linger in
the buildings Friday night a little longer than we had reserved. Because of this we were able to look at all the displays and "take it all in" . What a pleasure your displays gave us. You made us proud.

Thank you for all your support to make Ghoultide the best show in the country. (And thanks to all of you who stayed and helped us get the church ready for the anxiously waiting bride! We could not do it without your help.)

As I walked away from the village to go home, I turned around and thought that just a short while ago there were people in the park playing and having fun with the Halloween people. These are memories I take home with me.

Happy Halloween to all My Blessed Spirits

Stephanie Rawson

1 comment:

Evelyn said...

This was the BEST show ever! It was so worth the 12 hour trip it took to get there! And I'm so excited I got to meet you in person, Pam! I now have a year to figure out how to get my husband to go back again next year! The pieces I bought from you are proudly displayed in my living room with their other witch sisters. I'm in the process of figuring out how to increase my display area so I can continue to add your wonderful creations to my collection.