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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Doors Opened and Magic Appeared.....

Look! Ghouls In A Bag!

Often as I reflect on the experience of "Ghoultide" I find myself sitting back and staring upward with a slight smile and a silent "Thank You" escaping my lips. Here is an event, that not only embraces our fond memories of Halloween as children, but it gives us an opportunity to take a bit of those memories home with us through the incredible artwork of some very fine artists. Dan and I feel so blessed to be included in this "HOMERUN" Halloween event. Honestly I think that Scott and Stephanie seriously hit the ball out of the park this year! The crowds were non stop and the smiles were endless! I have many fond memories of this show to take me on my journey to next year but one especially brings a chuckle. A gentleman came into the Carriage House where Scott Smith, Laurie Hardin and I were set up and in his arms he was cradling a package. The way he held it you would have thought it was a new born babe but what it was was one of Vergie Lightfoot's amazing pumpkins. This gentleman looked as if he had just won the lottery.... he was so thrilled with his purchase and ready to show anyone that wanted to take a minute to look. Now this is what the "Ghoultide Gathering" does.....it makes you feel giddy and full of the Halloween spirit! You can almost envision children running and with their pillowcases blowing in the wind as they search for the next house to "Trick or Treat"...OH wait a minute, those were the collectors and patrons of this spooky treat of childhood delight..."The Ghoultide Gathering"!

Here are some pictures of this event....I wish I could have taken more but to be honest we didn't see the end of the line to our vintage Carriage House till almost 1pm and the show ends at 2pm. By this time most tables were empty or almost empty and the artist were either in a state of disbelief or taking a nap under their tables (j/k) LOL! Enjoy the pictures!

Clockwise.....Lori Davis and Joyce Stahl meeting up with Dan and I to hit the road to Ghoultide.....Laurie Hardin busy setting up....Scott Smith's amazing table.....Soft in the Head table....Incredible Will Bezek....Dapper Allen Cunningham...Adorable Kristin Beason.....Carolee Clark's table....Cutie Putie Nicole Sayre.......The tired trio of Bill, Me and Scott (but VERY happy)....Incredible and funny JP and Johanna (they are a riot lol!)...dearest Stephanie and Vaugh Rawson....and here is Joycee helping this ol' Softee pack up...Lori and Joycee were awesome!


WoolenSails said...

I just love that bed set up, would love to have that whole display, lol. I am glad the show went so well and I wish I was closer.


Nancy said...

Thank-you so much for sharing the pics...I was so anxious to see them! All of the tables look so amazing.So glad you were able to go and have a wonderful time. Hope you sold lots!
Did you as well or better than last year?

Have a good rest!
Hugs, Nancy

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Lovet the Ghouls in a bag photo!
Looks like Ghoultide Gathering was spectacular! Thank you for sharing your photos!

~ Deb

Shweet Sandi said...

I love reading and looking at your amazing works of art. Halloween is my favorite time of the year and I loved reading about Ghoultide. thanks so much for sharing your talent and the talent of so many others with those of us who can't go. Now off to find an issue of Prims

*retro-rudolphs* said...

Pam, your table and display looked amazing!! Thanks for sharing pics, so glad it was an awesome time!


The Smiling Goat said...

PAm...so glad you had such a great time! I too was awaiting photos! Your table is amazing along with the others!I know you had to of sold out!!!!!! Congrats my friend!


kim said...

Looks like another fabulous year!! Thanks for sharing.
take care

Snugglebug Blessings said...

You are one of the most talented doll artists I have ever seen. It is so wonderful to venture here and see how you have made such sweet objects come to life. Thanks so much for sharing your show and your fabulous work. God bless. Cathy

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

You sound like you're on cloud 9 ~ so glad you had a great show!! I would love to come to it sometime ~ everything looks so creative!