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Friday, July 16, 2010

Hittin' the Ebay Road Again!

Meet "Catarina" the Feline Gypsy!
So....I'm going back to ebay...Ya know it takes me wa-a-ay to long to get anything prepared for Ebay cause in spite of good sales I still get that knot in my stomach with the huge "WHAT IF" tattooed on it! Let's face it Ebay scares the holy beejeebers out of me! Maybe it's vanity! OMG not vanity! But I have to admit I do live in that world of fear that NO ONE will ever bid and I will have to escape to my cave, with tail between my rather large legs and hide! Oh piffle! I'm a mature, ageless beauty that should have some sense of self esteem, Ebay shouldn't scare me (I say this with a shaky voice)....I'm bigger than Ebay (well in some ways I am) I can do this...I can take rejection, humiliation and high fees! Okay, I'm good, I think....maybe???? Anywho meet "Catarina the Gypsy" who will make her appearance on Ebay this Sunday night. Look out for all kinds of wonderful creations as the PFATTIES get together to celebrate "PFATT Tuesday"! Just type PFATT into the search bar and have fun!


WoolenSails said...

I hope it does well and will have to check it out when you list it. I have not had good luck with ebay and my latest piece is sitting without bids, so having the, why did I bother day;)


Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

You're so funny! Love the post. I don't think you're alone with those ebay feelings! :-)
Love the kitty!

~ Deb

rockriverstitches said...

I think you have nothing worry about. Your creations are just amazing!! From what I can see from Catarina, she looks like something very special. I often think about going back to ebay but don't know.


Anonymous said...

Take it from someone who sales on EBAY and admires your wonderful creations, you will NEVER not sale an item on ebay. Your dolls are one of a kind and have personality that I have never seen anywhere else. I look forward to seeing what you are listing.
Jerry, Roanoke, VA
P.S. Are you going to be at Olde Salem Days this year???

PEA said...

It isn't just you pam. I am scared to death of ebay. I hate failure. No bids is failure to me. But I will swallow what little pride I have left and do it! Thanks for the pep talk.

softinthehead said...

I'm sure we could start a WHOLE blog about the fears of Ebay, lol! I guess what it boils down to is not to let it make you feel like a failure, move on and keep creating from ones heart and soul!

Hi Jerry...Unfortunately I will not being doing Olde Salem Days....the heat is just to much for me and I have "Ghoultide Gatherings" in MI right around the corner. I will probably go as a customer though :o)