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Friday, April 16, 2010

Mice and the Ol' Softee....

Gotta Love Beatrix......
I have always wondered why so many people are fascinated and in love with mice. These are furry little four legged creatures that can make a woman scream in fright and send a man running and jumping on to the nearest chair! Now, if they would appear as Beatrix Potter portrays them then we might skip the screaming and jumping and actually have them for an afternoon tea or even set up house for them in some remote corner of our home....but alas they do not...they come in the stealth of night, scurrying with purpose and silence. They're fast and are able to squeeze through the tiniest of openings to elude capture, always managing to poop their way through your cupboards and drawers. If these little critters were smart, and that is debatable, they would put a cork in their nether regions so they could go about their business unnoticed since it's their "droppings" that is often the tale-tell sign they were even there, one heck of a calling card huh?

Soft in the Head has developed quite a relationship with mice over the past couple of years. Our mice have become the "poster child" for the whimsical side of "Soft in the Head" and on most occasions have a long waiting list of collectors counting the days till their creation is completed. As much as I detest the real creature I thoroughly enjoy creating the stuffed ones. Each one demonstrates, upon creation, an uncanny ability to develop personality and steal an unsuspecting heart along the way.
The singing and dancing mice are a personal favorite since it is through them that "pure joy" is often channeled. I mean, after all, who doesn't like a mouse that sings, lol!
Beatrix Potter has a huge influence in the mouse creations since she mastered their "cuddle effect" and all that see them want one for their very own....My kids like most children grew up with the "Potter" influence. An influence that only enhances and nurtures our children into that world of whimsy and magic with hopes of holding on to it in adulthood....I guess I got a firm grip as a child cause it's a huge part of "Soft in the Head".....


Stacey said...

I'm a Beatrix lover too and as a child, believed fully that a house mouse WAS dressed and had matchbox furniture! Here's to inspiration and imagination ~ for which you have tons my friend. Your mind is a children's library just full of characters and stories waiting to get out!

Christine LeFever said...

Ah yes, the humanization of anything seems to capture our hearts. My older sister made up a bedtime story about a traveling orange peel, how it floated down the river (gutter)...too hilarious! (She was about 7 years old then). Not quite a Beatrix Potter.

Until our cat was invited to move in, we had the little calling cards all through our kitchen. Two years later and not a one. I would much prefer to possess one of YOUR charming mice!



anniebeez said...

Lol you are too funny! We have a great mouser of a big orange cat now who keeps the mice OUT! But I confess I adore Beatrix's mice and ALL of her little creatures and I even adore that movie from BBC where she lives quite happily with all her little creatures in the house! In reality that would never happen-but its a lovely little dreamling!