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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Do you Studio???? "

Sometimes I just giggle when I hear others refer to the expression "going off to work in my studio"! It seems that this has become the catch-word for 2010 in the artist world. My studio has always consisted of the most comfortable place to park my derriere in my home. You will find pins and needles stuck in the strangest places....just ask my husband who is always discovering them. I envy anyone that actually has a space that is organized and set-up for their needs and is their own creative sanctuary. Me? Well my "studio" is a 10x10 area in my back room of my store/home. It starts on the floor and works its way to the ceiling. Every possible square inch is occupied by some important necessity...well I think important! I have my table sitting in front of a twelve pane door which looks out over the Blue Ridge Mountains and a piece of Virginia's "Wild Kingdom". Often I get greeted with the incessant pecking at the windows from various hungry birds reminding me the feeders are empty or a raccoon taking a short cut to the nearest food source, my feeders. I have even been greeted nose to nose with Virginia's finest....a Black Snake, ewwwwwwwwwww! My studio or as I like to call it "the Barn" is a haven for all things primitive and whimsical, with a bed behind my sewing machine for one "fur-supervisor" and another at my feet, little Issa prefers the back of my chair. Many hours get clocked in here at "the Barn" but it's my little niche in the creative world


Regina said...

I LOVE your little niche!! Thank you for sharing. I love all your visitors with the exception of the "GULP" snake...I could have gone without knowing about him. Ewwww is right!! I am guilty of saying "working in the studio" but I feel as though it's just that. I have one of the rooms upstairs...the WHOLE room..LOL!! I do remember the days of having to share a tiny 5x12 space with the washer and dryer.


Carol said...

The whole world is my pinchusion!
I too live in an old store/house combo. What a life! I admire your work.

Lisa said...

Oh, how I wish I had a studio! I have a desk in the kitchen. :) I subscribe to TUT (Totally Unique Thoughts) and have put my "wish" to be a cottage with a craft room and a garden patch. Here's hoping we find it as we are getting ready to move. Your studio is wonderful and inspiring.

glimmering prize said...

Thanks for sharing Pam! My studio space (LOL!) is my dining room table and a every other flat place in the house that i can work with decent light. usually its the kitchen counter, the side board, my desk, and a corner of the utility room in the basement is where i keep all my rusty things.
thank god we only have moose here and not black snakes, yuck!

tattered 'n torn prims said...

**giggles** I too chuckle every time I hear someone speak of their "studio"!! LOL!! "My room" (as I call it) is a grand 10 x 10 room which is fixed up quite wonderfully....until I'm in there!! :O) I feel I'm not being nearly creative enough unless everything from fabric to wool is strung over cabinets .... floor..... up the walls.... in the bins of sawdust or rags.....and usually strings find their way all through the entire house!! :O) I always say....it's an artist thing!! LOL!!

Enjoy your "studio".....every inch of it!!

LLA Creations said...

Your Studio looks inviting and warm! I just finally got all my stuff out of storage and hope it will look like yours and how mine used to be!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love your barn..:) I love being in my "studio" as well...I spend more of my time here then any other part of the house.:)

Tina said...

The creative can create anywhere. When I had my house in Ohio, I had a spare room and even a full basement to work in, but I've found that I'm just as creative and productive in the niches I've carved out in my apartments. A place to put my butt near my cupboard of supplies and I'm good to go. I like the niche you've carved out for yourself.

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Your little corner of the world is VERY organized, Pam!! It looks great and it looks inspiring!! Happy Spring to you!!

Possible Impossibilities Studio said...

Ooooo... what wonderful stacks of creativity filled boxes, bins and what nots! This is the "studio" barn, back store kind of space that sings of inspiration! :-)
- Deb

Kat449 said...

(((Pam)) I do long for McDreamy Studios such as those in W.W.C. but this chicka is grateful for my "Creative Mess" wherever it happens to be...Im spring cleaning & was sooo happy to know I have a beautiful dining room table thats been missing & hidden for months under fabric. paint, snippets & a bunch of other necessities...! LOL
What I wouldnt do to spend an hour in your "Barn-dio" its just wonderfully inspiring...
Embrace your Grace my friend...(((Kat)))

Crowing About Primitives said...

I love your little working home.. I recently moved my shop from my basement up to my sons room.. and I have now moved me back down to the basement because of the dust my work causes and it is hard to be neat and tidy with white rugs.. so down I have gone again.. Your shop is like my organized cos(not sure that is spelt right)I would trade with you in a heart beat.. I have so much stuff I should get rid of but keep thinking one day I will use it so in the mean time I just keep adding to it.. lol... Patterns.. I am addicted to them I never get to them all but just feel I need to have them.. lol.. My sister buys me lots to so I get them coming from both ends.. I wish I had a window to look out.. Pam I just love your space.. Ann

Nancy Lee Malay said...

I love it, Pam! I'm eyeing all kinds of goodies in those stacks of yours.

Studio? I'm not sure mine even qualifies as a workroom these days!


Jans Gourds said...

Pam, its funny what you said about folks refering to thier studio as I do have one but my whole house has become my studio. I have a room u[ stairs that i do all my painting, basketry, beading and etc, then I have a small sewing room but I usually end up doing all my sewing projects in front of the tv as I like to so by hand vs machine, then my laptop is set up in the kitchen as that way I can be in the middle of something, cooking, watching somethine on the tv or what ever and still have easy acess to my computer if I need it.
I love the looks of your studio as it hs so many inspiratonal feelings surounding ypu from all directions. No wonder your characters have so much appeal, just look where they started out.
I would gladly trade all my spase for your 10x10 room any day.
hugs to you