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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall and Blackened Bees Wax....

Wax Never Smelled So Good!
Since my little "Christmas Mouse" came out in the "Better Homes and Garden" craft issue I have taken a more aggressive look at "Blackened Beeswax". Sharon Mitchell of "Homespun Heart" provided the little black beeswax candles for my little mouse. She is the one I have often turned to for her opinion about beeswax, quality, molds and the whole process. I love the smells and textures of this very old art form. I have purchased many of Sharon's pieces and always love displaying them in my old country store/home. One of Sharon's favorite beeswax artists is Janet Gerding of "Bee Charmers Cottage". I love drooling over her pieces of beeswax art and often having to remind myself that it is wax.

I have noticed many individuals trying their own hand at this art form...Maybe someday when I have more time and a bit more confidence I will consult with the experts and give it a try....but in the meantime I will continue shopping at HomespunHeartPrimitives.blogspot.com and www.beecharmerscottage.com


lovetheprimlook said...

I am with you Pam. I have tried it, and I would rather buy it LOL
I will stick to dipping lights and let the pouring of the beeswax to these talented girls :)


PS. We missed you yesterday, but there are pics on my blog of the show :)

Shari Kraft said...

you are NOT going to believe this! I was just wondering yesterday about these little candles. I was trying to remember if it was your blog that I first saw them. I couldn't remember who did them! OMG!! THANK YOU! LOL!!!

Tina said...

There really is something special about it. I agree.
thanks for the blog recommendations. I'll check them out.

Sandra Evertson said...

Thanks for the hot tips!
I absolutely Love your amazing piece below the little pooch with the umbrella! Fantastic!
Sandra Evertson

Stacey said...

oooh how cool that you mentioned it! I have some of my wax out too~ it just smells wonderful! Never enough time is there to do all that we'd like. It will all come tho. Hey~ Peru is this weekend! I had forgotten but saw in the way to Weston. Doin' the dance!