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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Memories From the Road Trip.....

Who Said You Can NEVER Go Home Again?????
Just got back from 10 days of traveling with my "bestest" friend...When Rennie comes to visit and we plan an adventure together anything can happen! We have had many adventures in our 47 years of friendship, some are memorable and some....well let's not go there! This last adventure was memorable and then some! When we were growing up together on the west coast I used to hear Rennie tell me stories of her life on the east coast where her roots started and the memories began. It's great to put faces with those stories! What a fantastic and exhausting past 10 days ....I saw seven states, visited many wonderful people and became a grandma for the 6th time. Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it! I was also able to do some of my own visiting along the way. I made a stop in Newburgh, New York and spent time with my dear friends Sharon and Mark Mitchell and their daughter Karissa. I love them so much and it isn't often we can get togehter. We had a blast...maybe it had something to do with my "NEVER" empty wine glass, lol! Good Times! I was also able to get to Vermont and touch base with friends who I haven't seen since I left and also to pass my condolences in person to a new re-kindled friend, Stacey Mead. They buried her father the day before I arrived. What an amazing man he was having earned over 100 medals while in the service including 4 purple hearts and 3 bronze stars.....Simply amazing! We saw fields of sunflowers in Massachusetts and beautiful farms in Upstate New York and Vermont. We had to take pictures of the decorated moose in Bennington, Vermont. The imagination that went into the designs of these moose that you would find scattered throughout the town was sensational and caused quite a few giggles! We especially loved the "John Deere Moose". While in New York we visited the town of New Paltz. Rennie had many fond memories spending time on her grandfathers farm there. The farm is now a shopping center but still the memories hang on and you could almost envision the farm and its family. We traveled down "Huguenot Street" which is the oldest existing street in the country. We visited the fort and other buildings that have been kept in pristine condition for hundreds of years. I LOVED IT! Here are pictures of "Huguenot Street", family and the incredible New England country. The picture of "Chuck" the woodchuck was taken in my backyard. He missed us while were gone and came out of hiding to express his eagerness to see us return to Virginia!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh Pam so glad you had a wonderful time with Rennie..wish I could have gone with you to see the beautiful places you saw..the moose are a great pice of folkart..:) your last entry..I couldn't see one of the patterns..could you send it to me..cause I want to see them..:>)

WoolenSails said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip and a beautiful area to visit.


Stacey said...

Loved seeing both of you and soooo thankful for the gift of your visit. Keep those Grand Adventures coming! I'm so excited that my life will have those opportunities now. The bald man and I intend to grab them! Virgina holds dear in my heart and now holds even dearer with you and Dan.

~*~Birdy~*~ said...

Hi Pam~*~
Sounds like you had a Wonderful Time! Love all the pictures! And a Grandbaby too Top it off! Life is Good~*~ Smiles~Pam

Tina said...

I enjoyed all of your pictures and aren't true friends the most precious? Also congrats on becoming a grandma again.
Blessings to you

Betsy said...

The road trip sounds like it was great food for your soul...

I was in earlier today, but had to run out before I left a comment...

conrats again on Grayson, I love that name and what a sweetie pie!!


kat449 said...

(((Pam))) Thank you for sharing your delightful trip w/ us. Perhaps next time you could squeeze in a wrong turn to Ct. (hint, hint, nudge nudge!) Trying unsuccessfully to hide the green ENVY I felt that you got to hug Stac,& she you!!! LOL I just love to hear about Gods gifts of the power of forgiveness & frienship.
Chubby Chuck didnt appear to have suffered any weightloss in your absence!!!! He looks like he was saying...(Jeesh, where the heck were ya?)LOL. Blessing my friend, (((Kat)))