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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Learning From Others.....

A New Interest and Exciting Info!
Because of the interest that my little witch print stirred I started to do some research into woodcut illustrations. This was an art form that back in the 18th century was being sold for a penny on the streets of London and so they “caught a penny” for the seller, hence the name "Catch Penny". CATCHPENNY prints offer a closeup look of life in the 1700s. You can find these woodcut illustrations adorning and brightening homes while adding a bit of history in the process. A wonderful artist named Katie Estavold uses these wonderful illustrations in her amazing Ladye Theatres, ornaments and on her journals. There are many artists that offer classes to teach this beautiful, and I bet fun, technique. I, myself, own a few works from some artists that have used this technique and I sing their praises. Someday, when my time isn't so precious, I will search out Katie to see if she will be teaching a class or two using this woodcut illustration technique. In the meantime I can enjoy the quaint framed pieces I own and my images, like my witch, here on my blog.....

If anyone is interested in participating in one of Katie's classes here's a link: Katie Estavold...Ms. Witch class
This isn't a "woodcut illustrated Theatre" class but a quaint doll class. Traveling to and shopping different selling sites you can see quite a few artists that have learned Katie's techniques and are using her style creating their dolls. I'm in love with this latest creation of hers....but I do have a soft spot for pumpkinheads!


WoolenSails said...

I have used wood cuts are designs, you can find some wonderful and unique designs in them. I never new about the catch penny, fun information about them.


softinthehead said...

I have loved this art form for years but never really knew much about it till now. I have some amazing woodcut illustrations that I found in Vermont and I have framed them. I just love it. Seriously think of taking a class...thanks Debbie! Pam