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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's All About Balance.......

We Should All Work Together!
Like anything in life finding a good balance with your business is essential. Sometimes if we reach out to a fellow artist or business person and we find that we just might have something the other person needs or wants and so begins the bartering system. We also are able to find those that have unusual and wonderful items of interest that can be shared with others. The reason for my weekly posts about my friends and fellow artists is to get the word out there about what they have and the quality of the items.

This week I would like to introduce everyone to someone that I truly admire: Sandy Wood from "Sam I Am Creations". Sandy is a miracle worker when it comes to graphics. If there is ever anything you might need for your blogs, webs, anything, she's the one to contact . She is a designer extraordinaire. Sandy has designed all my banners for my blogs and selling sites. She does all the artwork for the PFATT Marketplace and the ads that PFATT have in certain magazines and on Ebay. For some wonderful eye candy check out Sandy at: www.samiamcreations.com

Next I would like to introduce Gina Cooper of "Cat Nap Inn". She sells all kinds of wonderful items we can use to spruce up our homes, whether it be for comfort or to smell really good Gina's got it. I met Gina on my travels out west. She presented me with the most awesome "hip bag". The work on this bag was genius and will last me for many years. Heck she even embroidered my name in it. Check out her incredible pillows, very nice, at: The Catnap Inn

The next individual is an old friend. Though we have never met in person we have always had a special bond...Michelle Sylvia of "The Blackberry Briar". She and I go way back to the time she lived in New Hampshire and me in Vermont. Michelle was one of my very first pattern customers. I have so much respect and love for Michelle. She is a true and caring person and an amazing artist. Michelle also has her own line of incredible soy candles. Now I have not purchased one for myself but I can tell you that the hub-bub on the internet is that they are the BEST! There is no finer tribute than the word from other artists about the quality of work and the word about Michelle's soy candles is nothing short of "AMAZING"!!!! Check them out at: The Blackberry Briar

These are wonderful and incredible artists....visit them and do some shopping. You will not be disappointed. Hmmmm I wonder who I will feature next week???? So many and so little time, lol!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

well I thank you for spotlighting me..you are too much..have you had a chance to use your "hip bag" yet..I haven't made any more..I need to..I also want that newest pattern too..is it an E-pattern by chance...I must have them...so send me an invoice..have a great day and thanks again..I love ya!!
Gina ;)

Betsy said...

how nice!! Loved this post, what a kind thing to do .... and YES, Sam is the bestest out there...I'm the proud owner of a few of her graphics too...wonderful work!!

I'll have to check out Gina too...Tink, well she's a dollbaby and I too don't own a candle of hers, but as you said everyone raves about them...hummm, I might have to get one...

Happy 4th of July Softee...


~Tonya said...

Yes, Life in general is a balancing act. So nice of you to feature artists on your blog.

I do not have any or Tink's candles, but some gals in my group does and can not say enough about them.

Have a great 4th of July, Pam.


Stacey said...

Another awesome group of amazing ladies! I'm already thinking of those Christmas gifts and handmade is always the best! Thank you Pam for sharing and caring!


Phillane E'lee said...

How nice of you Pam, I have seen Gina's work up close and personal and own a piece or two from our local show.

Sandy has done some fine graphic work for me in the past. She has a keen eye with the camera as well and I have one of her photos in my studio.

I haven't tried on the candles but have heard they are wonderful. Maybe this year I can treat myself to one.

awesome pattern by the way. I am sure it will be a BIG HIT!

have a safe and happy Holiday

kat449 said...

(((Pam))) Than you for introducing us to "da cream da lam crem"
in such a sometimes "All out for me" world, it is such a refreshing breath to see you honoring the artists in your heart...When I think of you "Softee" I think of integrity, & all thats good, I know this is quite the honor to be celebrated. Thank you for sharing them...w/ us! Congrats sistahs...I can tell this is gonna cost me...tee hee, I cant wait. I need both a banner & smellie goods.

Designs By CK said...

Hoping you & yours have a wonderful 4th of July holiday weekend!

Chris :-)

Debbie Miller of Onion Patch said...

Great artists Pam!! You're such a sweetheart!!


Anonymous said...