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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Gotta Itch I Want To Scratch!!!!

I am in such a mood! I have "Halloween" on the brain. I start to design a bunny and it's wearing a witch hat...anything and everything turns into a Halloween wannabe! I find myself looking only at orange and black fabric or wondering where I can use that spider, wrap some cheesecloth or add a broom. We have barely gotten out of winter and I am ready for Fall. I want pumpkin soup, pie, cookies and bread. I'm dreaming of tootsie rolls and popcorn balls. Is there a twelve step program for Halloween addicts??? I am beginning to think my only solution is to start doing Halloween characters. Thank the "Powers that Be" that I am a member of "EHAG" a wonderful eclectic group of ebay Halloween artists. It has forced me to make that leap back to ebay after being away for some time. Okay Everyone! I am on a mission....look out Halloween here I come. I am going to embrace my "Trick or Treat" personality and dive into my Halloween cauldron of ideas while wearing my Harry Potter "Sorting Hat"! I'm ready!..


Theresa said...

Pam... there is no such thing as the wrong time of year for Halloween... or at least in my mind that's the way it is. LOL :)



albasworld said...

NO,NO,NO!!! I must have my Spring and early Summer and then Fall is ok only to go back to Spring, lol. I can live without winter and the extreme heat of summer!

Have fun with your new characters and "HAPPY EASTER!"

Hugs, alba

Designs By CK said...

Popping in to say hello & wish you & yours a wonderful Easter weekend!

SpOOky Hugs,
Chris (-:

Anonymous said...

Then I say roll with it girlfriend... I whole heartedly think you should follow your "muse" big hugs....

PS...I don't think I am far behind you on getting into the holidays...they sneak up on ya! MO

Phillane E'lee said...

Yes, Pam I have been feeling the urge as well. Look forward to a coming event that will allow me to pull out the halloween stuff and get busy. I have a few more spring/summer items to get through first.
Have a happy easter.

Village Gift Shoppe said...

And it's so good to have you in EHAG Pam! So glad that you are home. And look at that snow! Crazy isn't it??? So, has there been any singing since you've gotten back? I wonder if she missed you as much as Dan did? ;o)

Happy Easter!!!
Hugs, Lori