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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maybe Getting a Bit Homesick????

Tennyson the "PODD" Toad on Simply Primitives this month!
I love my travels but finding it a bit difficult at times to take care of "Soft in the Head" business. It's much different when you don't have your routine or your own things around you (like a computer) and have to depend on other means to follow through on the simplest of tasks, like mailing packages! It can get rather frustrating but then I look around myself at all the people that I love and consider every moment I have with them a gift and the frustration disappears like fog on a warm day! My days are full and eventful with laughter and creating new memories! I am on a road trip next week to meet Gina Cooper of Cat Nap Inn Primitives and her friend Kimmy (who has been a customer of mine for many years). I always find I get shy and nervous when meeting new people...always afraid they will be disappointed I guess. I am just a "fat" old woman with 6 grandchildren and a fondness for cats and adorable old men named "Dan" (my husband), personally I think I'm rather boring! I do, however, have a severly warped sense of humor, heh heh.....

Above is a picture of one of my latest creations for "Simply Primitives"....meet Tennyson the Toad, my newest PODD! He will be joined with a couple new frogs and a sweet little bunny named Ester Sue. It was good thing I had these little characters almost finished before leaving Virginia because sewing has been almost impossible this trip. Guess the "Powers that Be" thought I needed a break from the sewing machine....cause finding one that works around here has been, how should I say, not happening! Pop over to "Simply Primitives" if you get a chance and check out my new characters for this month, they are guaranteed smile material!

1 comment:

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Oh I am so excited to meet you..don't be nervous..you haven't met Kimmy or I either and when we get together...we are like 2 goofy teenage girls with warped sence of humors..heheehe...I am so excited to meet you and your friend..and of course bring an umbrella cause its going to be raining this whole week...drats..you know how the weather changes around here..it was too good to last...but looking forward to it still..love your creations as always...have a great weekend...see you soon!!!
Gina ;)oh by the way..I am a 45 year old chubby gal with oddly colored hair and a fun personality...lol...just so you know who to look for...:)